IGN - Arcania: Gothic IV Review

IGN: Four titles in, the Gothic series has worked hard to earn a legion of dedicated fans – mainly in Europe, but steadily growing in reputation worldwide. However, the series has never managed to attain either the sterling quality of direct competitors like the Elder Scrolls series, Neverwinter Nights or even Dragon Age: Origins. With that said, it does offer a solid, action-oriented RPG experience with an emphasis on evocative overworld design and loot by the chest-full. Arcania: Gothic IV tries so hard to tick all the right boxes, in fact, that it doesn't actually have a lot of unique personality – and the lack of polish ultimately holds Arcania: Gothic IV, like its predecessors, back.

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callahan093292d ago

Can't wait to play it. Already pre-loaded from Steam. Just need to wait til the 19th to play it. Not sure why the release date is a week back for North America. Oh well.

foker3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

be happy,.. at least you get it patched,.. performance is terrible on some multi core setups,..

360,.. even worse,..
Will see how they optimize it for PS3,.. since they pushed it back a bit,..

kancerkid3292d ago

Game played on par with many current games on the Xbox. The almighty Castlevania game barely ever hits 30 FPS on 360 or PS3 so I don't get what the big deal is with everyone bashing this game on 360.

Sure, some screen tearing during dialog, but I never noticed it outside of that. Once you get into the cave at the end of the demo, game seemed to run quite smooth. In fact, after 30 minutes, the game was running quite smooth,

It is obvious it runs better on PC, but not everyone can afford console and pc, it is usually one or the other.

callahan093292d ago

Multi-core setups meaning multiple GPUs? If that's the case, I should be alright, I had a single GPU. I have a quad-core CPU though, so if you mean multi-core CPUs, that's a big problem. Does any gaming PC made in the last 5 years even have a single-core CPU? I don't even know if they make single-core CPUs anymore. So I'm assuming you mean multi-GPU.

pangitkqb3292d ago

I was impressed with how accessible it is and fun. Really a good time. I'm now considering a purchase.

gillri3292d ago

meh Castlevania:LOS is filling up all my Medieval needs at the moment

MagicAccent3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Well, contrary to the entire gaming community, I quite enjoyed Gothic 3 and Risen. This is def something I would pick up for my PS3, depending on how well optimized it is.

foker3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

yes,.. but it is not as deep,.. As gothic 3 or Risen,..
But I kind of like the story,.. It is streamlined,..
But maybe I will actually finish this one,..

I think Jowood rushed them,.. same as gothic3,.. with Community patch 1.73 is a damn great game still,..
I might get it for ps3,. if it is optimized well,.. because it is a funny change of pacing from Dem0n's Souls,.. I need a break from that game sometimes,. drives me mad,..

Captain Tuttle3292d ago

The demo on the 360 is horrible. It literally made me queasy walking around in the town. First time that's ever happened to me.