Addicted gamer runs girlfriend off the road for taking his PlayStation 3

AATG writes:

"Darren Suchon of Lehigh Township faces several police charges after it's alleged he ran his girlfriend's car off the road after she took his PlayStation 3 to work with her in an attempt to get him to find a job."

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HairyArse3296d ago

How could he do that to his own girlfriend?

Jesus. Dude needs help.

dkblackhawk503296d ago

With a face like that, anyone would need help.

hay3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

@dkblackhawk50: Show us your picture with similar expression.

Back on topic:
It works with every passion.
If someone took my drum set, guitar, or even my fav books without my consent I would be f*cking furious. It's stealing, no matter what the reasons are. I wouldn't ram her car though. I'd yell at her cause of her stupidity and lack of basic skills to make relationship work. Skills of conversation.

This dude is a loser, that's true, but stealing his passion(probbaly the only significant thing he has except dumb girlfriend), the thing that made him somehow feel better with himself, makes her a lot worse person.
Oh well, they both should be eliminated from gene pool.

Immortal3213295d ago

how can she take his ps3, that's like he took her justin beiber poster.

Double Toasted3295d ago

Ahh yes, the so called "mature" gaming crowd aka Sony fanboys. Flame for the arsenal? Check back shortly when a Live vs PSN article pops up.

zetsuei13296d ago

Wouldn't mind. But mah PS3 don't you dare touch it biatch.

LiquifiedArt3296d ago

He wasn't trying to kill her, just to get her stuopid ass to stop. I'd so the same thing.

if you got a problem, dont steal shit. Just leave his ass. I dont understand and she looks like the "good one", meanwhile the dude didnt evne have a valid license to go drive with. Obviously he is gonna be a bum without a license.

Bah. I blame the chick.

hay3296d ago

Nah, I'd go to her work and made a scene that she stole my possesion. Again. And apologized people in the office saying she has a problem with it reassuring it's nothing serious, it just happens sometimes.

But I'm a bit evil person.

marinelife93295d ago

I don't agree with what he did... but I understand.

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ndibu3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

NERD RAGE!! And death threats. Lol lol lol. Oh yeah, PS3 gamers are so much better.
Lmao! Seriously though, guys gaming is great, truly is, but women are better, really, trust me they are. I know most of you guys want to bear your ps3's children but it's not gonna happen.
Instead, go out, get a job, get a girl, settle down and try not to rage when she hides your ps3
1.Xbox =/= xbox 360
2. Xbox 360 gamer was killed by someone robbing him.
So you only have 1 valid site so yes, more please

FACTUAL evidence3296d ago

ndibu....and look at you. Guess 360 gamers are better? Remember the one guy who beat/killed the handicapped guy for his 360? Yup mmhm. No offense to you, but you should get a job, so you could afford a ps3. You're trolling on EVERY page is abysmal.

mastiffchild3296d ago

Using a story where the perp is clearly not all there to score console war points? I've seen bad trolling before but this is the weakest yet. Congrats ndibu, a new low!

King-Leonidas3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

oh wow looks who's talking- N4G's biggest 360 fanboy troll, you sir are the one who needs a life.

chaos-lockheart3295d ago

Not Unless shes ugly like guerrilla, and the size of titanic.

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DelbertGrady3296d ago

I love how there's no mention if there were drugs involved, if he had been in trouble with the law before this happened, if he has some form of mental issues, or if it was somehow related to other events.

Judging by that mugshot he looks like a total methhead.

Silly gameAr3296d ago

Yeah, he looks like he's rocked out of his mind.

ranmafandude3296d ago

not mine. I'm just fine here playing my ps3 and still containing my sanity. he was probably crazy from the beginning. this just gave him an excuse to do what he did.

mastiffchild3296d ago

Yes, as in 99% of these cases the game/console was just the last straw that broke a particularly rickety camel;'s back yet we hear nothing(or practically nothing) of what the existing temper/anger/mental issues are or were that put him in this state to begin with.

All we have as a possible cause is the gaming with no inkling of underlying problems which, clearly, have to exist. It's just a lazy bit of journalism which goes with the surface story because it's an easy hook which the game ignorant majority can lap up. As games get more mainstream, hopefully, this nonsense will stop.

m-s-8-23296d ago

God knows I've choked a bitch or 2 when she got in the way of my gaming. Who needs vag when you've got MAG?

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The story is too old to be commented.