Eurogamer: Medal of Honor Review

Eurogamer writes: "The use of the fabled Tier 1 Operators offers another welcome change of tempo and emphasis as you ghost militants on hillsides, and your partner Dusty carefully measures your assaults to increase the certainty of success while making them more efficient and economical on your supplies. The choreography at work in the Tier 1 and SEAL sections is one of Medal of Honor's greatest assets, and does a good job of articulating the difference between Special Forces and their colleagues lower down the elite scale."

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CTU-Almeida3293d ago

I will play this game no matter what. I have a feeling that the game is awesome. COD here and there I'm sick of it.

Acquiescence3293d ago

Like it'll be hugely different from Call Of Duty.

Oldsnake0073293d ago

yeah because playing a Cod clone it so much better tahn playing the original

/ sarcasm

A Cupcake for Gabe3293d ago

You're not bright and I forgive you but MoH has been around a long time before COD

CTU-Almeida3293d ago

I want to check out MOH. Of course it's a lot like COD. But I'm sick of comparison. Why must a solid war shooter always have COD in its name.

Domer253293d ago

Yeah IGN ripped MOH a new one, unfairly IMO. 8/10 seems about right to me.

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divideby03293d ago

just what I thought the game would score after playing the dreadful beta

DelbertGrady3293d ago

So, the beta was dreadful but you still thought it would get good reviews?

bomboclaat_gamer3293d ago

since when was 8 a bad score?
please quit gaming

DigitalAnalog3293d ago

If you're talking about the multiplayer beta, you do realize that it's the FrostBite engine that is supporting it and not the UE3 that powers the Single Player.

-End statement

bomboclaat_gamer3293d ago

BBC 2 scored alot of 8s too
and its a more solid multiplayer experience that MW2
in my opinion

thief3293d ago

"Enemies are pretty daft. These guys are supposed to have incredible knowledge of the terrain, but all they really do is hide behind rocks, helpfully popping their heads up at intervals, or run obligingly across open ground between cover points."

Makes me pine for KZ2 and it superb, underrated AI. I just don’t get how people love this kind of games (CoD another example) when their AI is so crude, often relying on liberal spawning of enemies rather than AI to challenge the player.

The_Nameless_One3293d ago

An 8 from Eurogamer, huh?! I guess this game is really good then. /s
I was expecting Eurogamer to rip it a new a new one.

RankFTW3293d ago

Indeed heh, sometimes it seems to me that Eurogamer hates games.

The_Nameless_One3293d ago

They claim to have high standards. i think it's just a case of wanting attention from the gamers. Negative reviews gets you more traffic. Look at Game Informer, They are constantly being accused of scoring games higher then the other media outlets because they are owned by Gamestop and there for people think they give games higher scores in order to sell them. Frankly I am getting tired of all this scoring game. Lately it seems that gamers are more interested in fanboyism then actually enjoying them.