Analyst: Reaction to Kinect/Move price points ‘surprising’

TVGB writes: "Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian finds the positive reaction to Kinect and PlayStation Move’s somewhat high-end pricing to be a surprise.

Writing in a research note sent out today, the analyst also notes that Microsoft and Sony’s respective motion controllers are seeing “increasing interest” and “healthy demand,” but doesn’t believe them to “materially impact” holiday console sales."

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fjtorres3293d ago

It should be no shock to anybody who actually buys gaming hardware that MOVE and KINECT pricing should be accepted by the market. Product pricing is more of a black art than a science but Mr Sebastian obviously hasn't been paying much attention to the Wii space or he wouldn't be shocked; it has long been widely known that the typical Wii new home installation runs closer to $500 than the nominal $200.

SONY and MS clearly have, which is why MOVE pricing closely follows Wii-mote pricing, which nobody's seriously griped about in three-plus years, and KINECT is well-known to support up to 4 players which arguably makes it cheaper than the waggle-wands for a typical family. (Anybody notice that all KINECT promos highlight family play? And it's always a very 50's family; one boy, one girl, both parents.)

With regular thumbstick controllers list-priced in the US$60 range, console gamers are used to a $50-60 per user charge so there is no sticker shock in that target audience. Which is another way of telling us these controllers are intended for families not hardcore shooter fans. Think of it as a rebalancing of the console market.

Microsoft, in particular, seems to have read the market's tolerance for controller costs correctly since at least last year; witness the bundling of the play-n-charge kit with their limited-edition controllers. With KINECT, launching at $149 lets them hit the $299 and $399 spots with the console bundles and make the bundles look good. Odds are they'll sell a fair amount of Kinects this XMAS at the intro price and still have room to drop it to $99 later when (if?) demand slows.

And if they can catch a good hype wave for the holidays they may not even need to drop the price until 2012...

dorron3293d ago

I'm not buying Move till it drops the price.

By the way, does anyone know which is the minimum distance form TV to play? And can it be played sit?

Raoh3293d ago

yeah you can play it sitting.. i've played it with about 3 feet of distance, give or take.. you would want more space just so you can be a good distance from the tv, dont want to hurt your eyes by being too close to the tv.. i played mag sitting down that part doesnt matter.. what is important is that you calibrate from the position you plan to play in.. so if you plan to play sitting dont calibrate while standing..

USEYOURFIST3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

i sit or stand about 5 feet from my tv and you can just tilt the camera up or down till you fit in the calibration square wherever you are, i have never run into any probs being this near, i have hit the lighshade a few times in vollyball tho lol

EDIT dont expect it to fall in price much just like the dualshock havent got lower. the best you can do is look out for a good game bundle near xmas or get cheap pseye on ebay then a single move pad.

RageAgainstTheMShine3293d ago

Don't give any xboxers any ideas