IGN US reviews Heavenly Sword

IGN US reviews Heavenly Sword and gives it a 7.

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Maddens Raiders4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Gamepro gave it a 4/5.

Based on my hands-on I give it a 85/100

Wonder which review, the never-playing PS3 mob who will flock here to post pure nonsense, will choose? Hmmm......

In the words of Galvatron: "This is bad comedy"

ktchong4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Head over to MetaCritic and look at the aggregate score. (or GameRanking, but MetaCritic includes more reviews than GameRanking - every review that GameRanking includes in its average is also in MetaCritic.)

When you look at one or few review scores, then they are just individual opinions. However, if you look at MANY, MANY of different reviews and average out their scores, then they become a CONSENSUS.

Maddens Raiders4129d ago

I am objective about this game and am not drinking all of the"kool-aid" here if you know what I mean. Look, this game is going to appeal to some people more than others, but I surely don't believe it's AAA masterial at this point. I think the PS3 is still several months away from a game like that (a defining mammoth) and when it comes we'll all know. I'm a big fan of the game Motorstorm and to me it's truly a PS3 "greatest hit". It appeals to so many people and the fun + graphics factor is top notch. HS is in a tough position after the legendary Kratos and co. have already laid the groundwork, but Team Ninja's effort is not in vain. It's just a game that shows what the PS3 is capable of with "their vision." I'm not sure they were prepeared to invest what it takes to make a "world-shocker" ala KZII, but it'll be a decent game nonetheless. Not exactly my full cup of tea, but I will take sips.

cookiemonster4129d ago

guess what gamepro is sh!t. ign isn't that great either, but more credible than gamepro.

ShiftyLookingCow4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Motorstorm may not be AAA but it was so much fun, I did want throw my controller straight at the screen when it was Buggy time but it was still pure fun

Gizmo_Logix4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

9.0 Presentation
9.0 Graphics
9.0 Sound
7.0 Gameplay
5.0 Lasting Appeal

Yet, they subjectively give it a 7.0? Hmmmm. Why not just put 1 for "Lasting Appeal" and then they could have matched their target 7.0? Yeah, I know they didn't use "average." But why not? That would have been a 7.8. Guess that was too high and they didn't want to subjectively round up .2 points instead of rounding down .8 points! :P

WaggleLOL4129d ago

This is the clown who "reviewed" Heavenly Sword:

Chris Roper

God Hand (PS2) - 3.0

Credibility ZERO. Sorry Chrissyboy, you fail.

larry0074129d ago

get your facts right

HS got 9 from 4 sites
and 10 from 1 site

and 8 from 2 sites as well

Xbox is the BEST4129d ago

exclusives last gen sucked and they continuing than trend. Enjoy

TheSadTruth4129d ago

hey retards, the gameplay is boring and repetitive, what more justification do you need then that for it to be rated a 7.0? Shut the hell up with your fanboy crap

leon764129d ago

I don't need IGN or other site to tell me if any game is good or not. I follow my judgement. I will play the demo and then, if i have a good impression, i'll buy it. And after I played it, i will say if the game is good or not. that's the right thing to do. but i admit that this reviews influence the general oppinion of the gamers, and the sales... and i see an almost general tendence of certain sites for bringing down all new games (specially first party) to come out for the ps3...Motorstorm, a spectacular game had reviews of 7... that's insane, because i have the game and i love it. ninja gaiden sigma is another game fantastic (that was consider by many the best games ever when launch in xbox) and too whith poor reviews...that make me think...

supnub54129d ago

i think all people who reviewed either warhawk lair heavenly sword bad got paid by ms, because ms is afraid of these titles.

Omegasyde4128d ago

The game deserves a 7.

(before the Playstation protection group attacks me, hear me out.)

How long is the game to beat according to IGN?
6-7 hours.

difficulty? Average

Online? Nope.

Gameplay? Innovative but tiring after repeated areana battles over and over.

I think 7 was abit harsh and a 7.5 would be a better due to the story and amazing graphics. This game did receive alot of hype but isn't worth purchase if I can beat it in 7 hours.

$60 for 6~7 hours worth of play? vs. ~8$ to rent the game.

This one is definitely a rental unless Sony lets the PS3 users with info that there will future downloadable content/add-ons.

tonsoffun4128d ago

while I don't generally agree with what you say - bubbles for the transformers: the animated movie quote.


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ktchong4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

that's what I've been reading.

Unfortunately for Heavenly Sword, gameplay is more important than graphic, sound, and flashing cutscenes.

bluegoblin4129d ago

if you play the demo you know what im talking about, i really cant believe that they are giving this games scores below 9.I've been saying this for a long time GOW hype is killing this game.To me this game is better than previous GOWs(not including GOW3 so dont start complaining)and just that makes it top of the list.First day buy.

ElementX4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

You can't judge gameplay by a 3 minute demo.

ArmrdChaos4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Or 10gigs of space...I guess all that space didn't really make that much of a difference.

DrPirate4129d ago

9.0 Presentation
The cutscene work is fantastic, as are the extras (even though you can get most of them freely online).
9.0 Graphics
Beautiful in every respect. Character models are great, and the vistas are a-plenty.
9.0 Sound
Sound effects are fantastic as is the music and voice work.
7.0 Gameplay
The combat system is mostly very good, though the battles get repetitive very quickly and some of the extra stuff (like the button matching mini-games) needed more polish.
5.0 Lasting Appeal
The experience is over fairly quickly. There are a number of really good unlockables to go back and earn, though you can already get them online right now.
(out of 10 / not an average)

That, is not a 7. Sounds more like a 7.5 or 8.

Also Heavenly Sword has the Trophy system and they confirmed DLC for November. I don't want to accuse them of bias, I just wonder if they have the whole picture.

At least it's graphically and aurally stunning :P.

ktchong4129d ago

Gameplay is the most important thing in a game. Graphic and sound are secondary. That has already been established.

DrPirate4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Thing is, I was really enamoured with Heavenly Sword's fighting mechanics in the demo.

However, I am unable to say if this holds up for the entirety of the game.

Guess if I liked the demo's gameplay, I'll find an appreciation for the entire game. 7 doesn't mean a game is terrible, it just means fans of the genre would like it.

Also, I like the fact that it's short. I have an 8 class schedule this semester. I don't have the time for a 60 hour epic :P. If I can enjoy this game like a movie, guess that means it's perfect for me. I can happily justify the cost.

Edit: Do keep in mind: I have this game pre-Bought. I just go there, show a slip and I pick it up. My opinion may be biased.

ktchong4129d ago

You know, BioShock lasted a good 20 hour on the first run.

I'm not getting my money worth unless it's over 12-15 hour, depending on the quality (if it has only single-player campaign.)

DrPirate4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

What's the deal? I've payed 50 for God of War and God of War 2, 7 hour and 8 hour gameplay respectively. I don't regret it in the least.

I usually beat the game on all difficulty levels and sometimes go back to enjoy the story. I don't mind replaying a game that has great production values just to enjoy it. I can say I've put 50 hours into God of War 1 and 2 because I just felt like replaying it for story (and because no game lets you unleash your aggression better :P)

I don't know why you're attempting to talk me out of it, I have 60 Hours of school a week, this game seems perfect for me to enjoy over a weekend... Also, I understand if you're worried about me. Don't be worried, I have more then enough money from my job, buying this game is like throwing down some pennies for me. I appreciate your concern :)

Also. I own Bioshock.

It's more like 12-13 hours :P (I didn't go back and do Hard Mode yet which I intend to do very soon though.)

MarioFromTexas4129d ago

I didn't see anyone take points off bioshock being only single player. I'm pretty sure bioshock is a great game and I played the demo but it's not for me. It's funny when it comes to FPS they don't have to have multiplayer but action/adventures games all of a sudden have to have multiplayer or they lose 5 points. If a game is strictly single player it should be rated that way, other wise it's just end up being a bias reveiw when a game on another console didn't lose points for the same flaw. Am I wrong for bringing this up, or have FPS PC gamers taken over the gaming site and we can expect for every action/adventure to get 7/10 while FPS get the benifit of the doubt 9/10. That's why i like gamer reveiws more than journalist PC gaming backgrounds.

B3YOND4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

that's if you only follow the main storyline and don't explore everything.

Lair is 6-8 hour long and has no online/multiplayer. Heavenly Sword is about 6-8 hour long and has no online/multiplayer.

Gears of War is about 10 hour long... but it has online/multiplayer in addition to the short campaign.

The game is bloody $60, man; and they keep getting shorter and shorter. What's next? 3-4 hour gameplay with no online/multiplayer for $60? Am I paying for a live opera or broadway?

Short campaign + no online/multiplayer = unacceptable.

apoc064129d ago

10 hours?

gears of war was more like 6 hours. increasing the difficulty helps, but its still a ridiculously short single player game. honestly, that is my only problem with the single player campaign; its too short.

the god of war games were longer than gears IMHO. but i acknowledge that may just be my playstyle. i think its easier to flank and shoot enemies, especially when you dont have to worry about puzzles, interactive action sequences or intricate boss battles. reloading/ shooting and finding cover is a completely different beast than building combos to take out swarms of enemies. i think that gears could have used a few more bosses, or bosses that required a little more "direct" weapon damage to pad its length.

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Sayai jin4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Well, the reviews for this game have been very high and then some average. It will be up to the gamer to decide if they like it or not.

Edit: Ha ha, I got a disagree for a fact and also for leaving it up to the gamer to decide if the game is good or bad instead of a critic. You people crack me up.

ktchong4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

There are people who do not own a PS3 but will buy one if PS3 has a lot of great games. They will buy a PS3 only if they keep reading reviews of a lot, a lot of great PS3 exclusives that score 9s and 10s all the way.

They don't have a PS3 to "try the demo and decide for themselves" if a game is worth it. They read the rewiews, and if there's a tsunami of reviews that say the games are perfect (like BioShock and Gears of War), then they will go buy the console to play the perfect games.

And games like Lair and Heavenly Sword, which are getting mixed reviews, are NOT going to sell PS3 to people who are not diehard Sony fans.

Sony *needs* to sell PS3 to gamers who care more about games than a brand name or Blu-ray. Sony *needs* Heavenly Sword and Lair to be great, not just good. Sony *needs* Heavenly Sword and Lair to keep getting scores of 9s and 10s. But it's not happening.

Edit: Sayai jin, NO, I did not vote "disagree" for your last message. Someone else did. Although obviously I disagree with you here.

Sayai jin4129d ago

@ Round Peg, are you the one who disagreed with me. Anyways, I agree, it would help if the recent or soon to be releases get killer app or stellar reviews, becuase PS3 owners want no just more game, but some actual AAA quality games (me being on of them). Those people who currently own a PS3 will make up there mine if they like a game or not. In this age (PS3 and 360 both) games are expensive and some may be weary of getting a game with mixed reviews, unless it is a marquee game (Halo, MGS, etc).

Sayai jin4129d ago

Your right it is not bad and I think those who like it will really like it (9 or 10) and others will think it is average. I will most likely get it. I may play it at a colleagues house first :D before I decide. Some will ridicule this story because HS has been touted as a killer app.