Boomtown X: Medal of Honor Review

Boomtown X has taken a critical look at Medal of Honor's single player campaign: "Tackling the controversial subject of an ongoing war requires something special and alas MoH’s single player campaign doesn’t have that. Critics of the videogames industry aren't really going to find anything shocking here to fuel their idiotic reactionary campaigns, but neither is the industry any closer to showing it has the vocabulary with which to comment on such important world events. Instead it's a mostly fun shooter, with some shoddy graphics, that may as well have been set in Spurlackistan."

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NecrumSlavery3296d ago

I see a lot of failure in this streetdated broken indi reviews.

HarryN3296d ago

I see a lot of failure in your assumptions. This game was sent to us by EA.

DelbertGrady3296d ago

"If your purchase decision is mostly about the multiplayer game then you’ll be happier, it’s much stronger than the short single player campaign. I’ve avoided going into detail about that section as I’ll be reviewing that separately once I’ve had more real world experience rather than pre-release nonsense with other games writers."