AP Review: `Medal of Honor' no `Call of Duty'

AP: "Medal of Honor" doesn't quite reinvigorate the series the way "Modern Warfare" did for "Call of Duty." Die-hard military shooter fans will no doubt need a taste of the solo campaign's unapologetic authenticity and the multiplayer mode's breakneck skirmishes, but everyone else should wait until "Black Ops" is served.

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NecrumSlavery3291d ago

so its a bad thing to not be COD?

They are shooting for realism here.

BeaArthur3291d ago

For a game that is shooting for realism I'm hearing a lot of people talk about lack of recoil and aim assist.

LoVeRSaMa3291d ago

Being the same as COD is pretty important, I understand COD has a big fan base, and the only way to over throw it is to be better then it.

It needs to feel the same but be better, most people wanting to play other games are to used to COD to swich.

(my opinion of course, but hopefully you see where I am coming from.)

sunnygrg3291d ago

Is it just me or is that really a San Diego newspaper website?

SprSynJn3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I believe it is the official site for The San Diego Union Tribune, but I could be mistaken. Regardless, it is San Diego's main website.

Adva3291d ago

Mods don't exist on this site I assume.

Ares84PS33291d ago

These people.....I just have to laugh!!

People like this, makes me want CODBO even less.

SlickShoes3291d ago

He is comparing it graphically to what hes seen in trailers of Black Ops. Total Rubbish, if thats the case then, Forza 3 is no Gran Turismo 5, granted i havent played GT5 but i seen some screen shots and it looks nicer.

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