Sonic 4: World's first speedrun on Splash Hill Act 1

Justin Towell of Gamesradar writes: "Sonic games have always had at least one level that's perfect for speedrun competitions with your mates. Sonic 4 is no exception. Splash Hill, Act 1 is one of the most brilliantly-designed Sonic levels ever. It may not be noticable on your first play-through, but start looking for ways to shave seconds off your time and suddenly it turns into a monster. So here's my fastest run (so far) on the PS3 version of the game."

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Yi-Long3294d ago

...but doesn't the game come with a speedrun-mode? If not, why not!?

LoVeRSaMa3294d ago


Sonic is Sonic, the whole game is a speed run lol.

Only way he could have been faster is if he went SSJ.. I mean Super Sonic!

RageAgainstTheMShine3294d ago

gravity has taken its toll on Sonic

DelbertGrady3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Justin Towell of Gamesradar writes: "I'm not a towel!!!".

Sorry, I had to. Anyways, pretty sick speed run I must say.

Silly gameAr3294d ago

That actually looks pretty cool. The classic Sonic style was always the best. I might have to add some funds to the ol' wallet.

GigaGaia3294d ago

I wished Sony would update PSN in the morning instead of the evening. The wait is killing me, only a few hours left.

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