Bulletstorm Preview (Strategy Informer)

Strategy Informer: "Has there ever been such a manly name for a video game as Bulletstorm? You can just imagine some beefy, hotshot hero taking out hordes of baddies with an automatic weapon, then turning to the camera and muttering the word in his gruff voice, before stamping on a few heads. "Bulletstorm"... *crush*. Of course, considering the amount of lead you'll be pumping into your enemy before they've even hit the floor, the name is also rather appropriate.

Bulletstorm combines two tried and tested elements to staggering effect - whips and slow-mo. Just Cause 2 most recently proved that we love grabbing and yanking enemies, while pretty much every single console game since Max Payne has thrown a bit of bullet time into the mix. And yet Bulletstorm does things a little differently - rather than taking down your enemies quickly and efficiently, you're given the chance to play with them via your incredibly over-the-top arsenal of weaponry."

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