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Eurogamer: "Whereas films like The Hurt Locker evade accusations of insensitivity through their dispassionate and meticulous observations of the conflicts they portray, Medal of Honor ostensibly dodges the issue by not really being about anything except what's happening on-screen."

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Gago2928d ago

and this was supposed to "kill" COD LOLOL

jdktech20102928d ago

no it wasn' was supposed to compete with COD

Yay for twisting the truth

ReservoirDog3162928d ago

A 6 from IGN and an 8 at eurogamer?

Something seems wrong.

jdktech20102928d ago

8 is not a bad score at all....people just expect too much. In all honesty, I would rate games like UC2 and MW2 at 80-85 and Halo at 85-90.

Seriously, when did 8 become a bad score? Also, I haven't listened to IGN in years....they have never matched up with my own tastes or opinions like other sites have

ReservoirDog3162928d ago

No no no, that's not what I meant at all. I just meant there's a big difference between a 6 and an 8. Wonder why IGN went that low.

An 8 is a great score and I've played about 2 hours of MoH so far.

PrimordialSoupBase2928d ago

It's mediocre, just like Call of Duty.

AKS2928d ago

CoD isn't that special anymore, either, and Battlefield tops both franchises.