Gaming can cause nearsightedness in kids, says eye specialist

According to an eye specialist in the USA, excessive gaming is particularly bad for kids, and can lead to nearsightedness.

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DelbertGrady3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"But I was curious to find out why videogames specifically were being targeted here, rather than on-screen media in general.

“Because videogames require the user to stare at the screen for extended periods of time, the eye’s focusing system may lock into that distance,”"

So, books are evil as well?

sbizarre3289d ago

Lol this would mean that having a short attention span is great for your eyes... :D

Handsome_Devil3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I came in to say exactly the same thing :D.

Watch out kids and parents, books can cause you nearsightedness.


UltimateIdiot9113289d ago

Well, there is a difference with (physical and e-ink books, not iPad) books and watching things off a monitor. The whole contrast and easiness on the eye is a big factor.

Reading a book is a lot less stressful on the eyes than staring at a screen all day.

Sprudling3289d ago

Sure, but that has nothing to do with focusing. Whatever you're staring at, screen or book, the eyes will focus the same.

So reading too much can indeed cause nearsightedness. Infact, reading will make your eyes focus even nearer than watching TV, thus making it even worse.

In any case, it'll take years for these problems to develop.

MisterNiwa3289d ago

Well you people are idiots. Of course will playing videogame's cause shortsight.

I suffer on it aswell. So I am a living proof, get your heads out of your arses people, just because some things come from hardcore gaming doesn't mean everyone tries to bash videogames.

Venatus-Deus3289d ago


When I was at school 15-20 years ago about a quarter to one fifth of the class had glasses. I guess that percentage has got down now due to surgery or cheaper contact lenses.

Did gaming effect those guys as well?

Chances are you just have bad genes

3nd3rth33289d ago

Yes, they can. I grew up reading way more than playing video-games - averaged 10 books a month, and I need glasses to do everything now. In fact, I want to find out what doesn't screw your vision. Pretty much opening your eyes will do the trick.

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FinalSin3289d ago

With a game, your attention must be sustained. There's no penalty to looking up and scanning the room whilst reading.

Rainstorm813289d ago

Yea cause Pause in gaming doesnt exist.....huh /S

OSU_Gamer3289d ago

I didn't know you could pause multiplayer games....huh /S

raWfodog3289d ago

So you're saying that you never ever turn away from the TV screen? Not even when the loading screen is up? Or when your character dies?

OSU_Gamer3289d ago

looking away for a few seconds doesn't seem to be an adequate break

raWfodog3289d ago

Taking a break, however, is an adequate break. Put the controller down for a few minutes. Or even better, don't sit too close to the TV. I'm always sitting at least ten feet from the TV when I'm playing. If your eyesight is already bad, then get glasses.

Bottom line is that anything that you are looking at constantly up close for long periods of time will cause nearsightedness. Not just video games.

clevernickname3289d ago

And your attention is not sustained when reading?

SexyPrawns3289d ago

I don't even...

What is this?

Trunkz Jr3289d ago

So can eating a McDonalds Cheeseburger, big deal.

Jerk1203289d ago

You do not stare at a McDonald's Cheeseburger for a long extended period.

The Meerkat3289d ago

At least it doesn't give you hairy palms.

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