MoH: Taliban name change imposes “nationalism on entertainment,” says US Marine

VG247: Following the release of Medal of Honor in America today, an Iraq War vet has said EA’s decision to take the word “Taliban” out of multiplayer amounts to “nationalism on entertainment.”

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awi59513298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Pulling the games off shelves is the same as censorship. Its just these cowardly parents dont have the balls to say that. Like the woman that started all this crap. "I dont want to censor the games i just dont want them sold in stores". Same thing stupid lady your just a damn coward. But if hollywood did the same thing they would get a oscar and they wouldnt say anything. Ill be so glad when the supreme court finally settle this on November 2 so these retards cant ban games anymore.

This is what happens when you put parents in jail for spanking their kids they run crazy, curse out there parents, and call there mom a bitch out in public. Im my day mom would slap the taste out your mouth and wouldnt care who saw. Hell a stranger would could come up and slap you for her and tell you not to cure your mom lol .


i agree political correctness has gone stupid, and people not understanding about gaming are just ignorant.

awi59513298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

What if i dont have kids? What if i dont want any?Why im a still raising your kids when you kids rights walk all over mine. What if i go get myself fixed? What if i dont like the little stinky,grubby suckers? Why are your kids screwing with my games changing the content that can be in them. Raise your own kids i dont like the little suckers keep them off my lawn and my games lol.

Parents think the whole world revolve around there kids well it doesnt. If you bring your kids to a bar and try to get a law passed to stop me from drinking thats just stupid.Thats how much since these game laws make. Watch your kids keep them out of the adult world and be a parent.