Strategy Informer: inFamous 2 Preview

Strategy Informer: "Infamous was easily one of our favourite PS3 games of 2009, mixing open world exploration with glorious lightning-based superpowers. The ability to follow a good or evil path made for some interesting decisions too, giving the monster-zapping and cable-grinding that extra edge.

When we heard that Sucker Punch had changed the main protagonist Cole McGrath for Infamous 2, we were a little worried that they'd go for a more badass main character - we found his happy-go-lucky personality endearing in the original game, and didn't like the idea of taking control of who would essentially be a totally different electrically-charged chappy. The new Cole is indeed a bit of a badass and a lot angrier, yet his character is still completely believable, and this transformation actually begins to make sense as you play."

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