Arcania: Gothic 4 - PC vs. Xbox 360 Graphics-Comparison - Xbox 360 looses

Arcania: Gothic 4 is available for both PC and Xbox 360. But which platform offers the better graphics? Obviously it's the PC but the Xbox 360 looses hard. Check the link to compare for yourself. Just click into the gallery to get a higher resolution.

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toaster3289d ago

I really don't understand why people keep making PC vs console articles. All it shows is how much more powerful PCs are when it comes to graphics and how far console graphics are lagging behind.

The textures look horrendous on 360.

NMC20073289d ago

It's because PC folks need to constantly remind everybody how powerful PCs are(even though console folks don't give a shit), even though EVERYONE knows that something that can be updated on a constant basis will probably be a bit better than something that cannot be updated at all(hardware).

Hey! Let's compare Weinerschnitzels Chili Cheese Dogs to Lunchables Hot Dogs.

Perjoss3289d ago

i played both 360 and PC demos, the PC does look much nicer but i dont think the 360 one is ugly at all, but there is a frame rate issue on the 360. I really liked the demo, specially the game world and combat, dialog was terrible though and voice acting was not great either, im still going to buy it, but not sure which version im going to get as i do like gaming on my sofa / couch :)

NecrumSlavery3288d ago

The PS3 vs PC articles were a big hit, so no the 360 wanting in on it. But compare the latest racing game on PC on the highest settings to GT5 on PS3.

Rainstorm813288d ago

if you want to do a fair PC, 360, PS3 compairison do it on a PC with specs from 05-06......

imvix3288d ago


Why compare hardware from 2006 no ones gonna be buying such old hardware.

If you must compare 2006 hardware even then the pc will still win. Hardware far more advanced was already available. Notice how pc gamers were playing games in 1080p even during that time. Consoles still hardly play 5% of their games in 1080p.

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Chris_TC3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Some of these screenshots make it quite obvious how important VRAM is. The difference in texture resolution is staggering, for example in this shot:

JsonHenry3288d ago

A more interesting article would have been to lower the PC settings one a time until it looked identical to the 360 and then post what those settings are.

Bolts3288d ago

Seriously the PC wins again? No way!

ndibu3288d ago

It should tighten then

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imvix3289d ago

Xbox lost really hard when it came to Risen as well, this isnt a surprise. Graphics aside there is no replacing the mouse and keyboard for this game.

JsonHenry3288d ago

Divinity 2 was a WIDE margin in favor of the PC as well.

Nihilism3288d ago

But that game sucked balls...the graphics were horrendus even if it did look better. That game was by far the worst RPG i've ever played.

a08andan3289d ago

Here is a link for a translation from german to english :P

120FPS3289d ago

That should be loses, not looses

SexyPrawns3289d ago

Haha. Sorry. I posted at the same time as you.

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The story is too old to be commented.