IGN: Duke Nukem Forever: Forever is Now

At times during the European unveiling of Duke Nukem Forever, you have to pinch yourself. It's not just seeing the game's name emblazoned across the walls, or of hearing the long and fascinating tale of its arduous time in development limbo, and nor is it because IGN is in London's Red Rooms, a venue that – as the name rightly suggests – is just a pair of sinister dwarves short of being a full-on David Lynch homage.

What makes it all so very unreal is the fact that sitting there in the corner is a game that no-one dared dream they'd ever get to play.

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jcgamer3292d ago

What took ya'll so long?

"...sitting there in the corner is a game that no-one dared dream they'd ever get to play." -IGN sad...

lol :)

DarthMoose3292d ago

Ima still gonna be buying this day one, long live Mr Nukem!

mastershredder3292d ago

I'm looking forward to it. I was chomping at the bit way back in the day when the original screen shots and vid of DNF hit the internet (what was it 10 years ago? CRAP!). But I gotta say, it is a load of BS for any of these large publications to kept boasting how the game would likely never see the public market with the whole 3D realms fiasco. I mean com'on, if was a freak'n give-in that the IP would be picked up (I'm just glad they were able to do it without butchering DNF in the process).
Absolutely no doubt, I will get this the day it comes out.