Xboxer 360 - Review: Medal of Honor

Dave Burns of writes "I’m going to start this review off by writing an introduction, this is not something we usually do on Xboxer but I feel like I need to get something off of my chest before we head into the more interesting parts. Medal of Honor is and will be compared to the other well known franchise, the name of which you all know but for purposes of this review it will not be mentioned outside of this introduction. This is the first time the Medal of Honor series has entered a modern setting so comparisons are naturally going to be made but Medal of Honor has something unique to offer, instead of fictional wars against the Russians or the Chinese, this story is based on an ongoing war and is inspired by true events from Tier 1 operators who are fighting a war in which people are dying everyday on both sides of the fence."

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3298d ago
SnukaTheMan3298d ago

Missing textures.....enemy's that pop up out of nowhere...what in the this game even finished....played online and it felt like bad company really starting to realize why there was not even a line at gamestop tonight....

Trunkz Jr3298d ago

Sounds more like CoD to me, why complain now?

SnukaTheMan3298d ago

You would think the technology would be there where a enemy can come from a side of a building and not magically appear..but its my fault to buy into the hype of a new game.....HOW WAS I TO KNOW THAT WOULD BE HAPPENING?????

blue_falcon_inf3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

This game * blows, DONT buy it. If you like COD's and MW2 (not sure why everyone separates the two, they're the same * series, nothing too different to make them stand out) then you'll like it. IF by the other hand you like Battlefield Bad Company 2, it will just * you off. For these reasons;

1. next to no recoil on weapons including assault rifles.
2. Not * reason to use sniper rifle as the maps are too * small for a need to use them.
3. The scope on the sniper rifle doesnt zoom in like it should, i would guess it's about a 3 power scope as oppose to the 10 power usual sniper scope.
4. Pistols have about the same range as an assault rifle.
5. You can rush into the other teams spawn and spawn kill.
6. No elevation consideration with weapons, just put cross hairs on object, and it magically * lazers right on it.
7. Maps are too * small.
8. Games sometimes only last for 3min, then have to wait another min before playing again.
9. No team involvement, still a lone wolf game.
10. If you get hit, just take cover for 5 sec and your back to being 100% healthy.
11. Just like MW2
12. Suppose to have environment destruction, didnt see much to make it stand out.
13. Graphics suck, a little better than MW2, better than BF BC2, but not much, same kind of pattern used to display things, nothing that you're like"wow, this looks real." Really no detail.

Could probably think of more, but its late. If there wasnt this big deal about how SF guys supposely helped out with making this gameplay, and inculding BF BC 2 help, and just said heres another rip off of MW2, I wouldnt be so pissed. I would just think, ok, here's another run and gun game. Theres really no team work, no strategy involved here in this game. At least in BF BC2 you felt like you were doing something when you gave another person on your team ammo or med kit, etc. Here, none of that.

Ok, I'm done, think I posted enough. Going to return this * game later on today. I can not believe that I actually took money away from my gun fund to buy this * game. I tried to have an open mind when playing, I really did. But each game I played just pissed me off more and more. I killed a guy with my hatchet (was a Hajjie, yes hajjie, before EA became * and and re-named them OPFOR) when I clearly should have died from his pistol.

I even tried to justify that maybe there will be better maps that come out, but the core basics of this game wont change, it will still have the reason stated above as why it sucks, no matter what other maps they put in, no matter what different type of game mode they come out with. Just because you take dog *, and put a dress on it, its still *.

I just wonder if the makers or whatever the hell you call them even tried to make a decent game