How I Met Your Kinect

Kotaku: The most recent episode of American comedy program "How I Met Your Mother" featured not one, but two cameos.

One of them was talk show host Maury Povich. The other? Microsoft's forthcoming Kinect motion control system.

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TheRealMorganWebb3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I know there are gonna be a lot of haters on Kinect from the hardcore gaming community, but Kinect is fun. Girls are absolutely gonna love Kinect. I hate to say it but boys you may have to get up off the couch for once and put down your FPS.

Fanboys can b&m all day about Kinect but Microsoft really made a quality product here that truly is a game changer. November will be a little lackluster as far as launch titles go, but rest assured there are some really neat things in the works for this little taste of whats to come in the next gen.

In case you were wondering it's gonna look like this.

3D + Kinect (or kinect like) motion controllers, + Digital Downloads

I say Kinect-like because Sony will likely copy Kinect since they already copied Wii why wouldnt they just copy Microsoft too. Maybe an enhanced version of the Eye is not that far off in my estimation. That being said, Microsoft will likely incorporate a controller that functions with Kinect much like the move so both platforms will have roughly the same offering. However, Bluray will become extinct and 90% of games will be delivered digitally to combat both piracy and used games sales.

Chaostar3298d ago

Kinect gets a bad wrap from the 'hardcore' community for good reason. There is nothing that Kinect can do that will make an appealing game to them. I'm not arguing Kinects quality at all but it is in no way a "game changer". As far as real games go it's scope is very limited and until MS prove otherwise with a playable game demo of something 'hardcore' there's no reason for any gamer to buy into the mind numbing hype other than a distraction for their kids/wife/gf.

As for digital downloads, yes, it's obviously where the industry is headed but it wont be until after next gen at the very least. Broadband/fibre-optic networks just aren't up to scratch in most places yet. Bluray is not likely to becme extinct as people have chosen it as the consumer format for HD content and now that it incorporates 3D I can see that continuing well into next gen, at least with movies anyway.

big_silky3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Why does everything have to be "hardcore"? Can't people just have simple, dumb fun?

I'm on the fence about Kinect but if can offer a diversion from the super serious, outright generic games we're getting these days, I'm all for it. I like that the titles so far aren't all the same old shooter shit that I'm sick of. I've been playing for longer than the teen punks on N4G have been alive, they have no claim to "hardcore" anything.

Christopher3298d ago

I don't know if Kinect is 'fun', but I do know its limitations. That's what I don't like about Kinect, its limitations.

I don't see how you can say whether Kinect is going to be fun or not at this time just like I can't say it will suck. All we can talk about are the technical specifications that we know of and have proof of from the thousands of videos out there.

gamingdroid3298d ago

The Wii waggle is limited, but that doesn't stop people from having fun.

Besides the limitation is known, but we don't know the possibilities yet!

Jerk1203298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

''November will be a little lackluster as far as launch titles go, but rest assured there are some really neat things in the works for this little taste of whats to come in the next gen.

In case you were wondering it's gonna look like this.

3D + Kinect (or kinect like) motion controllers, + Digital Downloads''


Honest to god, I hope not.

limewax3298d ago

Eyetoy = Kinect except years before it, I think you will find microsoft actually copied Sony, And sony copied somebody else, motion gaming through cameras has been around since the PC was a big gaming platform and the release of webcams years and years ago. Its not new, it never will be, Microsoft dont innovate, and never have, Please learn this. The ONLY company that has been innovative this gen is wii. Microsofts Kinect is old tech being sold as something new and amazing, just so they can whack $100 on the price tag

UltimateIdiot9113298d ago

Even the Wii is not innovation, it was good marketing/timing and a good investment. Nintendo took the risk that Sony wasn't willing to.

UltimateIdiot9113298d ago

Seriously? Sony will copy the Kinect. There is so many things wrong and so much ignorance with that statement along with the rest of your comment.

First off, technology evolves, so it's guarantee Sony will make a better PSEye if they plan to make one for let say the PS4. There was improvement from the Eyetoy to PSEye.

Eyetoy came first.

You contractdict yourself by acknowledging that the Eye exist, which you should know came first and controller free games existed before Kinect which means Sony can't be copying Kinect.

Bluray will not become extinct anytime soon until another PHYSICAL formats replace it. Maybe 100 years down the line when downloads are fast enough and files aren't too terribly big and companies want to "rent" games instead of selling games.

You're a fool to think digital download can combat piracy. In fact, that's making it easier for pirates because now it's literally just an install away. You can't stop piracy, you can only delay it long enough until the next generation.

Sure, girls will probably enjoy the Kinect and leave it alone to dust just like the Wii. I have so many female friends, and a girlfriend to know that many of them are only temporary amused by these motion control games. Many of them with a Wii don't get anything more than Wii Sport, Wii Resort, Mario Kart and whatever other title with Mario on it.

If I give my Move to my girlfriend, she probably won't care to get another title and stick with Sports Champions. I'm not disagreeing that girls will play with the Kinect but I highly doubt they will support the Kinect.

The point of these peripherals is to sell software and who buys lots and lots of software. Hardcore.

strickers3298d ago

You must be 12.Go and read about what order things happened in the old days please.Even Kinect is not MS idea,you do know that?

mopground3298d ago

dont rag on fanboys when your one yourself

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ndibu3298d ago

Thats why n4g hates kinect. I get it now

FiftyFourPointTwo3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Greenberg loves kinect. Try again ndibu.

DelbertGrady3298d ago

According to US measurements Greenberg is considered skinny.

perfectCarbonara3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Thats why 90 percent of Americans are too fat, because they think they're skinny.

visualb3298d ago

thats why you love kinect. it'll help you loose weight. ;P

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