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NowGamer reviews Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes on PS3 - "To suggest that Sengoku Basara is a Dynasty Warriors clone would be unfair, inaccurate and just plain wrong. It’s clearly a Samurai Warriors clone."

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Stealth20k3289d ago

Alot different than ign's 4 huh? A 7.6 is respectable

radphil3289d ago

Yea that's what I'd give the game as well. Especially since it's at $40 instead of $60 makes things much better.

UP3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

never mind I thought it was for the wii version because usually they are separate.

Ares84PS33289d ago

I tought that the game was terrible.

Viper73289d ago

Never liked Dynasty warriors, but the fast based action of this one impressed me. But would love to get a lot more different attacks and combos as it felt slightly repeative (or maybe I am just bad).

But It was kinda nice to blast trough waves of enemies with these demigod characters.

The games certainly not for everyone tough.

Redempteur3289d ago

the demo was alright .. and way less bouton smasy than every other koei title .too bad there is no option for the japanese voices as it would have been a good purchase after watching the 2 seasons of the anime .

Relientk773289d ago

I thought the demo was good like a decent fun game

Not worth $60, not even $40, maybe like 20. Like honestly it was a fun game but yea not AAA, there were flaws

jc485733289d ago

I can get the game for 20.

chaos-lockheart3289d ago

I got mine for $9 on amazon new, i had the castlevania $20 credit when you buy it, and another $10 credit from some other game, or some promo

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