DOAX2 images

Tecmo put online a teaser site for Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. also extracted to images, as always.

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TheMART5389d ago

Well maybe once, just once 'haha' can start to contribute actually to this site anything other then voting lame on 360 articles. I think he actually has revealed his real strange acting already himself:

"1 - foolish fanboy
haha - 9 Hours ago
only a lowlife like u would vote cool on his own posted story, and that's not true i don't vote lame on every 360 article, just on your articles cuz you're the biggest scum that has ever lived. i actually liked the 360 for a while but reading the posts and reaction of someone like you who is in every article has made me hate it.. if i was a loser like you then i would react but i have a job and a life so voting lame does it for me.
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TheMART - 0 Minutes ago
Oh, you have a job and a life you say. That's why your lame votes arrive just after I post an article over and over again?

Please keep your biased posts to yourself. What you make clear is that you're 'lowlife biggest scum that has ever lived loser' with no life at all. Actually you contribute nothing to this page, no news article and never any post.

Man you never even intended of liking a 360, if your opinion about the console is changed by the posts of another person you're pretty sad. So I guess you're a 10 year old who earns some pocket money by washing his fathers car, who's life is sad and have a brainwashed memory by Barbie Ken. Glad you just revealed yourself and keep voting lame, I'll keep balancing it.

And please, please wait for your PSZero. It would fit you nice with it's N64 games for kiddo's. Never buy a 360 it wouldn't be nice to have someone like you online on XBL "

TheMART5389d ago

I guess this game is really for Japanese people.

They seem to like games with girls in small bikini's jumping around like always.

Maybe it can boost sales in Japan a bit!

andy capps5389d ago

These games are just... creepy. :)

T-Rac5389d ago

Agreed ... these games are just wrong....

like Rumble Roses which I got from GameSwap spent 3 seconds in my 360, my 360 was shaking afterwards :D and the game was sent within 10 minutes of recieveing it

they are just wrong.... lol (except for DoA4 which is awesome especially newbie Ninja dude)

specialguest5389d ago (Edited 5389d ago )

looking at image used for this article, you know those boobs are just bouncing out of control. aside from Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo is now known for their giant leap in video game boob bouncing physics and realism. take that Ageia physics card!