Killzone 3 Beta Invites are out.

Meodia just got a little surprise in our email today. Killzone 3 Private Beta invites are out. Thanks to SCEE.

Time to kill some Helghast Scums.

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Vegeta90003293d ago

They spent their sweet time photoshopping this fake picture. I bet they even went through the trouble to somehow mod the PS3 to show them playing "Killzone 3 Beta" or something when they're really playing Killzone 2. This article is full of lies!

LordMarius3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

invites have been sent out and people are already playing it, If you are in Europe and where in the KZ2 Beta you should check your email

Pandemic3292d ago

Woo, got my email today regarding the beta, seeing as I'm in Europe.

It's actually really good so far.

Aither3292d ago

Better or worse than KZ2?

Do you think the controls or graphics have been improved upon?

How do you like the new implemented multiplayer style and maps?

Is it all that and more?

Gosh there are just so many questions I have for the testers.

DORMIN3292d ago

Someone hurry up and get some footage online!

Pandemic3292d ago

It's much better than KZ2, the sounds and graphics are truly amazing.

TekoIie3292d ago

What was even the point of this article???

PSboy3292d ago

too get hits, because that is all that matters RIGHT!

visualb3292d ago

comments so they look like ******


BABY-JEDI3292d ago

to make you jealous
LoL : (
well it's working on me

Jeremy Gerard3292d ago ShowReplies(2)
Charazani3292d ago

So far the invites have been sent out to former KZ2 testers, mostly European, if I recall correctly. If you didn't get in, keep checking. And try the theme approach next week.

wotta3292d ago

and your aren't meant to publicise the fact using your website.

beast3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Lol what facts?

That there is beta. There is no NDA agrement about the announcement of Beta. The email pic has no NDA agreement. All the agreement are about the game. But please carry on with your crap.

fooltheman3292d ago

This had NDA... lol
Get your facts right

beast3292d ago

The email does not come with NDA. Do you understand that basic concept. Once you accept the beta, then you have to agree with NDA. Wow...But go aheaad, keep making stuff up.

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The story is too old to be commented.