Does Japan Think The Nintendo 3DS Is Over-Priced?

Kotaku: Website has the results of a poll that asked over 1,000 folks whether they think the Nintendo 3DS is expensive or cheap.

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NothingToGainButLove3297d ago

Of course it's kind of expensive.... they'll still be buying anyway though, maybe just not as fast

galgor3297d ago

Go on Nintendo, price drop before release!

ndibu3297d ago

I seem to recall similar arrogance with a certain last place console when it released. Seems being number 1 during a generation gets to people's heads.
I'm actually gonna go with PSP 2 on this one, I can't stand it when people start believing next gen doesn't start until they say so

Cratos87803297d ago

Don't be so harsh.

3DS will be as successful as Virtual Boy.

mint royale3297d ago

At least it will have done better than the psp then!

AWBrawler3297d ago

just where have you seen that SONY level of arrogance with Nintendo this Gen? They seem like the same company who did the Gamecube to me!

jaosobno3297d ago

It's overpriced. Considering specs and announced games, initial price should be no more than 150$.

Asking for 250-300$ for a handheld that already has outdated specs is arrogant and in the end it only serves to satisfy nintendo's greed that's been on the rise for years.

lolzers3297d ago

Outdated specs? Where's the other handhelds out at the moment that do 3D, I'd like to see them?

AWBrawler3297d ago

you can't be making sense on N4G. they gone cut yo foot off LOL

people say whatever to try to find an excuse to not get a nintendo product on here

jaosobno3297d ago

Parallax barrier is the worst possible way to produce 3D effect. With this tech, the viewing angle in which 3D effect is visible is microscopic, not to mention that most people that were looking at the screen for a longer period of time experienced headaches.

But I guess you stopped listening to reason as soon as nintendo said: 3D

AWBrawler3297d ago

How is your day going? glad to see you hard at work trolling. And I don't recall any headache news, but if you say so mr.troll

jaosobno3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )


And how is your day Mr. I'm Too Much Of A Fanboy To Google Things?

Nevermind, you just keep on bending over. Reggie&Iwata send their love.

Oh, and there is a page I would recommend that you study before posting, it contains some really good advice:

madjedi3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

@lol The issue people have, is your paying current home console prices, for something nowhere near as powerful, i would consider that overpriced for it's specs.

@awbrawler "people say whatever to try to find an excuse to not get a nintendo product on here" Some people don't hold nintendo products on as high of a pedastool as you do, did you ever think of that?

Yeah we are allowed to have differing opinions/tastes, and some people can get headaches from watching 3d images.

And yes tech wise, the 3ds is outdated, as is the psp, ds, wii, ps3 and 360, because it's using several yr old hardware.

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TruthbeTold3297d ago

that considering the specs, and the cost of those components, the price is high. Who cares if there's nothing 'better' on the market yet? Just because Fillet Mignon isn't yet available doesn't mean you should have to pay Fillet Mignon prices for a T-bone.

AWBrawler3296d ago

yet again, Mr. troll, you fail! some people get hyper from sugar, does that mean we all do? and The Fanboy thing is getting old. I ever i was a fanboy, it was for SEGA. My comment history can show just how unbiased I am. Reason why I seemingly "defend" Nintendo, is because a lot of people on this site bash them just because its the cool thin g to do, kind of how rappers bash Will smith.

Oh and you can turn the 3D off.

DS added online and a touchscreen over the gamecube, but cost more, so what's your point?? You saying DS was more advanced than the cube?

firefoxprime3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

I was contemplating on buying day one or not. So I'll just play it safe and buy the games I wanna play. There are still 5 solid DS titles(KH:Recoded,Bakugan:DOC, Sonic Colors, COD:BOps, and Monster Tale) I want to buy before the 3DS releases in america. That's a solid $200 dollars right there. Add maybe 10 3DS titles to that mix for the whole year of 2011, and that's a good $450($40price tag+tax). Equals $650 on software alone. Compared to that $650, the possible $250 3DS price looks decent. So'll probably be spending a lil under $1000 for Nintendo next year. Crazy??? Absolutely. So I'll start saving up this year. $50 dollars a week out of my pay check. $200 a month. Save up for 5 months, and I'll have an easy $1000 for the whole of next year to spend.

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