Sarcastic Gamer Review: Medal of Honor

SG: "I enjoyed this game. I’d recommend it as a buy. The single player campaign is a solid, fresh experience that has some technical issues that didn’t keep me from enjoying the game. The Tier 1 mode gives it a lot of replayability although lack of co-op may hurt it over time. The Multiplayer is fun overall, despite my reservations about the pre-order bonus weapons. The Combat Mission gametype is outstanding, but I didn’t care for the other two objective based game types. When you put the whole package together, the game is actually a pretty nice package. I never thought I’d buy a Medal of Honor game again, but Danger Close and DICE put a fresh coat of paint on this old house, and it pays off."

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Urmomlol3291d ago

Rife with typos, grammar issues, etc. etc. etc.

Decent review, but very, very poorly written. You guys need to hire a copy editor or something because sheesh, the author's writing reads like it was written by a ten year old.

LGFreedom3291d ago

I didn't see any typos. You must hang out with some intelligent 10 year olds that play mature rated games...

FrankenLife3291d ago

Soooo. You would be the author, I presume.

Urmomlol3291d ago

There are typos and the writing is absolute garbage. It's amateur, bush league writing.

Game-ur3291d ago

I don’t usually rush to buy games, but I will need to get this fast before I get drastically out-leveld.

pangitkqb3291d ago

Glad to see some decent reviews coming in.

BulletToothtony3291d ago

not fanboy at all here but MoH absolutely sucks.. i'm level 7 and the maps are absolute horseshit!! i know that if i would've read this i wouldn't had believed whoever wrote it but damn..

12 campers and no way to advance nor flank because there will be a camper on each way.. the only thing left to do is well camp as well... or snipe.. i don't like neither.. save your money.. TRUST ME, this game is a rental.. i'm a freaking idiot for buying it.. i'm so mad at myself..

spawn run and get sniped, re-spawn run and get sniped from who knows who because the maps are big and you can't see shit..

what a freaking let down..

Cryptech3291d ago

Um...4 hour long campaign isnt worth even a rental. Sorry man.

DelbertGrady3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Perhaps he was being sarcastic with the grammar?

Seriously though, I didn't find many typos and found it to be a pretty interesting read and a good review.

He's even being honest about his limited MP experience. Something you definitely won't find in many other reviews.

"Although I had the game before it was released and I’m pretty sure that my experience online will be different post-launch, I’ll just focus on the maps and game types and after I get more time with the Multiplayer after launch, I’ll update this review with my post-launch MP impressions.

So far, as of the time of the review, I played Combat Mission, Objective Raid, and tried, but was unable to get into a game of Sector Control. I also didn’t play was Team Assault, which is basic Team Deathmatch. Of the objective type of games I played, Combat Mission and the associated maps really stood out."

Good work!

GamerSigma3291d ago

Purely as a read, this review was great. Worth reading for the opinion and the info.

poopnscoop3291d ago



Says the writer from Sarcastic Gamer. Big hint: if you don't want to make it super evident that you write for the site you're shamelessly nut hugging, don't submit a million articles written by them.

in b4 "OH IM JUST A HUGE FAN OF THEIRS, NOT A WRITER" lies. And yes, that's what they are. LIES.

GamerSigma3291d ago Show
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3291d ago
femshep3291d ago

picked it up at midnight campaign to it is great so far you can really tell they had military people breathing down there necks

Xymes3291d ago

Wow, they think this is an Unreal engine game. Just wow.

LGFreedom3291d ago

Single player is Unreal and MP is Frostbite.

Class is in session.

femshep3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

actually it is all frostbite can't use two different engines for one game (not to mention frostbite is really pretty)they would have to give credit to unreal in the intro credits and on the back of the box

GamerSigma3291d ago

Danger Close used the Unreal engine for the single player and Frostbite for the MP. The PC version of the game has two executables.

They're almost two different looking games.

Xymes3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Yeah, I googled it cause I wasn't sure. Thanks.

It's just weird. Why would they even use UE if they OWN Frostbite 1.5?

GamerSigma3291d ago

@Xymes: Danger Close is on record as saying that they weren't familiar with Frostbite and was familiar with Unreal. It's really as simple as that.

Shackdaddy8363291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

@Xymes, they said its because Danger Close was used to working with unreal engine while DICE is used to working with Frostbite so it would take too long for one company to get used to the other engine.

Which doesnt make much sense seeing as DICE has used UE in mirrors edge really well and UE isnt even that hard of an engine to learn to begin with.

Edit: Sigma beat me to it....

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El-Fenemeno12133291d ago

"If you liked the ‘All Ghillied Up’ mission from Modern Warfare, this game is about 7 hours of that."- This just hyped me up extremely, can't wait until it arrives

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