9.0 - Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West writes: "Enslaved was first revealed by a Game Informer cover, a few screens, some concept art and very scarce details regarding the plot. That information was enough however, to build an epic adventure in my head and set myself up for potential disappointment. I am glad to say that Enslaved did not disappoint in the least and fully delivered on its promise. The game has some of the best animation in any video game to date, a stunning visual style and a story which is second to none. A few control issues and hand-holding could be argued as negative but should not keep anyone from playing one of the best video game experiences of this year."

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RonyDean3294d ago

This is another game I have to buy. SOO MANY GAMES!!!! - Also, awesome review!

mcroddi3294d ago

A very - very good game!

RonyDean3293d ago

Yeah! I checked out the demo its just amazing what this company has done.

Speed-Racer3293d ago

Ill rent it and see how it goes