TheMilitaryGamer: Medal of Honor Review

TMG writes: "It would have been interesting to see what Danger Close could have built for MP, and I hope if they do make a sequel, they will try it on their own. But for now, Medal of Honor MP by DICE is sufficient and still addictive. Good job DICE, we can see you tried your best to cut your Battlefield Bad Company association when you made MoH MP, but its still apparent, but whoever built your maps over there did a wonderful job and pulls me out of the BFBC2 environment."

MultiPlayer: 3/5
Singleplayer: 4/5

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scar202928d ago

Mp 3/5 are kidding me if anything its 5/5 i got the game early and it really good you dont see noobtubes flying everywhere as in cod.

ElementX2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I read another review saying MP was unbalanced and that SP was better.

"Danger Close has done an incredible job of putting together a tribute to the Special Forces community, honoring their many sacrifices and daily dangers. The same can't be said for the effort DICE has put forth with multiplayer, as it feels unpolished and in some regards unbalanced and unfinished. "

scar202928d ago

Well from what ive played its not unbalanced.

Game-ur2928d ago

Bad Company similarities is the only reason I want this game, especially the 12 player rush mode equivalent

KillerPwned2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If anyone wants to see what the game is like live streaming going on now here:

Its single player possible spoilers.

DelbertGrady2928d ago

I expected it to be more like SP 2/5 and MP 4/5. Will see for myself when I get it on thursday.