9.0 You'll Want To Step Up To Tier 1 - Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor has always been one of my favorite video game series. My passion for the series has grown over the years as well as my frustrations with the poor excuses that passed for Medal of Honor titles. It would seem that Electronic Arts shared my passion and frustrations with the series which is why they have given the series a complete overhaul with the new Medal of Honor. After completing this game and enjoying many hours of multiplayer I can say, “Job well done”.

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MehmetAlperTR3293d ago

did i play wrong game ??? i played medal of honor for an 4 hour at PS3. The graphics were terrible. Controls not good. Enemies are dying like puppet from paper. And enemy intelligence was were very poor. For example i was going to near them and they just trying fire at me or just looking like a cow.. And then i stabbed them very easily at normal mode.. But i didnt tried online mode.. Because my friends said the game is unbalanced at online mode.. Look like EA gave this reviewers too much money to get this high score.. if you ask me wait for IGN or Gamespot reviews..

RememberThe3573293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You seem too negative about it. It's like you have a slight against EA so now your trying to trash their game. And you think that if these guy will take money for a review that IGN and Gamestop wont? You got some shit bassackwards.

This may be your legitimate experience but I've read some different comments that are positive but seem more believable.

MehmetAlperTR3293d ago

if you dont trust me. there is nothing i can do my friend. if you wanna try go and buy then.

Trunkz Jr3293d ago

Yes, because every game that gets a good review that you don't agree with MUST be payed off, your an idiot Alpay...

MehmetAlperTR3293d ago

Go and buy then.. It s your wallet..

ECM0NEY3293d ago

Have you tried english its pretty good?

MehmetAlperTR3293d ago

we dont have turkish version game yet my friend. all of games are coming english.

SlickShoes3293d ago

So instead of trying the game for yourself you just didnt bother with multiplayer because someone told you it was not very good?

I havent tried the game either so in contrast to you, someone told me the multiplayer is AMAZING so i will just blindly believe that and write about it in broken english on the interweb.

MehmetAlperTR3293d ago

I was just trying to share my opinion. and sorry again because english is not my native languege. But because of my english was broken it wasn't mean that i dont understand from games. I m playing games till then super nes, sega mega drive. I m 37 years old. and again i was just try to share my opinion. Sorry for sharing it. you can buy this game and i wish all of you a happy hours with that game. but it doesnt change my opinion i didnt like it. and for all of your considerations i liked Dead Space, Mirrors Edge.. A little liked Dante's inferno.. So i have no bad feelings about EA.. they are good usually at their work.. But for me not this time.

360RRODFIX3293d ago

on n4g you are not allowed to have an opinion

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SnukaTheMan3293d ago

I disliked the world war 1-2 era most of those games were stuck in. Will be picking this game up tonight though with the multiplayer.

Shackdaddy8363293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Woot! Im pumped! Not really. But I cant wait to play this game....

BTW, no one go to the MoH forums cus there is this douche who keeps talking about a HUGE spoiler(trust me, it will make you sad if you ever wanna play this game). They may have banned him by now, but just wanna warn ppl :)

Neko_Mega3293d ago

So far I really enjoy how this game plays, I don't care for how it feels when the character runs but oh well.

It is cool that you can slide if you run and try to couch while in the middle of running. Who every came up with that known what they were doing.

Makes me wish more FPS games have that, namely MAG.

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