Dev: Black Ops to 'feel darker and more emotional'

Activision is exploring more than just a new war with its upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops - according to a third-party development team, the shift in time periods is also enabling the franchise to touch players on a more personal level.

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shadowfox3297d ago

Could be good. Whenever I think of Cold War/Vietnam, I think of emotion-grabbing movies like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, so I see where they are coming from.

JohnnyBadfinger3297d ago

there is nothing emotional about Full Metal Jacket... its just a mans movie, packed with war, death, trash talk and Sgt Hartman.

Apocalypse Now had more feeling and emotion. And from what i was taught in History the Cold War was never a actual war it was more a poltical stand off between super powers, you know the whole "i will push the button and launch our nukes, i swear!" type nonsense... just historians decided to brand the whole late 60's and early 70's (maybe the Korean War, cant remember if they through it the same basket) as the Cold War. Meaning its more a era not an event like the Vietnam war.

but yeah i see what your getting at. a game based on a time where the planet was at the mercy of nuclear destruction. has to be gripping in some respect.


These games are NEVER gonna be Emotional. Keep it with the Homies and call it BROMOTIONAL. That there's gonna be some BROLO or BROMANCE style gameplay with BROWERFUL BROWLERY.

GearMonkey3297d ago

you sound so stupid, no offence.