Ninja vs. Pirate vs. Cowboy: Video Game Showdown

Go! "The debate of the cooler warrior just got a little more crowded with the addition of the cowboy. More specifically, with Red Dead Redemption, the way of the cowboy just got pushed back into the lime light with John Marston and his gun slinging outlaw ways. However, does he match up with some of the best pirates and ninjas of the video game world? G3 matches him up in a three man brawl against Cervantes De Leon from Soul Calibur and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden to see who is to reign supreme under in the video game world."

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Murgatroyd73296d ago

Not a big fan of any of these groups; they've been done to death. But I must say that based on what The Deadly Snakes tell me, I think the Pirate Cowboy would easily kill them all...probably without even realizing the fight had started.