Gaming in Motion: The Move for Movement

Bobby Rivera writes, "It wasn't so long ago where the idea of strapping two Gamecubes together and controlling them by waving around a wand elicited laughter, ridicule, and countless internet memes. Nintendo’s current generation system didn’t gain respect on first blush and even less so when its name was changed from Revolution to the easily double entendre Wii. The system, and it’s motion centric hook, was seen as an act of desperation from a company on the brink of being rolled over by high-definition graphics and multimedia options. But desperation it seems was in fact innovation, and just as Nintendo revitalized the gaming industry with the NES, the Wii and its motion controls would bring about a new type of gaming movement - one that Sony and Microsoft now wish to capitalize on."

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Bigpappy3292d ago

Move for the hardcore who like controllers over motion. Kinect for the casual who like things simple and fun. There we have it. Hopefully they can both stay around. It will be interesting to see where they stay next year this time.

whateva3292d ago

My nieces & nephew was over this weekend and they played with the Move none stop.

My 5 year old Niece made me play the Start The Party Demo with her for about 5 hours none stop and she was even beating her older brother at Sports Champion Gladiator Duel.

& My 12 year old Niece is really good at Sports Champion.

it doesn't get much more simple and fun than Start The Party & Sports Champion is fun for kids on up to old people & the hardcore gamers.