America's Preorders Chart, 9 October 2010 - Medal of Honor

"Overview – Medal of Honor and Just Dance 2 (Wii) sees some nice gains in their final week before release. Gran Turismo 5 remains steady as does Call of Duty: Black Ops and Epic Mickey. Fable III (X360) pre-orders sky rocket as it moves up the charts."

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ndibu3294d ago

Here I was thinking that the only X360 exclusives that sell are shooters but it seems to me the only shooter beating Fable on that list is COD
Kinect is doing alot better than Move did at the same time. Move had 28K pre-orders 4 weeks from release. . .Kinect has 168k. . .ouch. Kinect has already passed the number of Move sale during its first week out. Willing to bet that Kinect will outsell Move's entire sales week 1.

commodore643294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

You are right, Ndibu.

The ps3 fans had me convinced that move was far better than kinect and would be so much more fun.
After dozens of anti-kinect blog submissions and thousands of pro Move comments here on, I was convinced the PS move was going to be akin to the second coming of christ!

The pre-orders do tell quite a different story though, as you rightly pointed out.
From what I can see, consumers are voting with their wallets.

The lesson here?
Never let a good PS3 fanboy story get in the way of the facts! ;)



Yeah, right, let's just follow VGCrapz and believe their pre-order guesses just so when NPD comes out and prove it was non-sense this site can stealth edit its data and move on...

OR we can wait for NPD, assume NA = World and see you point out sales as if they mean something to costumers.

Forgive those of us not joining you.

RedDragan3293d ago

More people buy the Ford Mustang than Mistibishi Lancer Evo.

But we all know the Lancer Evo is the far better machine! Voting with their wallets? No.

Shaymin3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

GT5 is doing well (I am buying it first day)

Too bad 360 Trolls have to ruin the moment for us PS3 Gamers

SiteNblog Defender3294d ago

GT5 is not doing that well. GT5 was suppose to be the game changer in America, according to you PS3 fanboys. Fable 3 is beating it. lol

Apotheosize3294d ago

Thats because pre-ordering in America is huge, but not that big in other countries. For instance look at Black Ops pre-orders for the 360 vs PS3. 360 has over twice as many pre-orders, yet the PS3 version will sell around 80% of the 360s. Why? Because North America is dominated by the 360, and only NA pre-orders

TekoIie3294d ago

you really arnt bothering to try and lookc for a europian Pre order chart are you???

Dance3294d ago

too bad ps3 trolls have to ruin every kinect article

SnukaTheMan3294d ago

No matter the propaganda....people will see both move and kinect and figure out which one is the superior...

AceofStaves3294d ago

Just as 360 trolls try to ruin every Move article. Same crap, different pile.



I believe MS ruined it for Kinect after downgrading the original cam hardware, presenting pre recorded videos, presenting laggy/bugged live gameplay and announcing only casual crapware.

I'm not saying there isn't fanboy talk over kinect, but I've seen many tech savy people interested on it's potention as a hands free controller turn their noses at it after MS craped all over the concept, and those where guys from both PS3 and 360 camps.

xxmob3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

fallout new Vegas is two weeks away.

hopefully its as good (if not better) then the fallout 3

Neckbear3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

But Fallout 3 wasn't good, silly.

Also, I would recommend you to learn how to type properly.

@No Way

Oh my, so stating an opinion means I should "shut the hell up"?

Things sure work around here.

No Way3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Ahh, and, I would recommend you the shut the hell up, :)

Good boy, jus one more bubble to go! :D

No Way3293d ago

I didn't say anything about your opinion, foo.
You're opinion is just fine, though your second statement was not.

Homicide3294d ago

Fable 3 got a big increase in pre-order. Solid numbers for F3.

GT5 pre-order numbers are pretty sad, especially considering that its predecessors sold like 10 million. Also, Kinect Adventures is right behind it.

westy5523294d ago

The only thing that proves is Americans are stupid.

No Way3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

You're mom is stupid, she had you. Does that mean she's American?! :DDDD

westy5523294d ago

@no way look you can't even spell MUM right. lol

No Way3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Sorry, my mom is mommy.. not mummy.
Hahah, your 'mum' is a mummy! :D

SoapShoes3294d ago

Yeah but those sold 10 million over how many years? It took GT3 nearly 10 years to reach 13 million, it didn't do that in a few months. It'll sell well to many people who are into cars and many people don't even know about it yet because there has been no advertising yet.

shadyiswin3294d ago

GT 3 sold well mostly because it was bundled and was $20 for years, it was a great seller, but achieved great success from being bundled in and discounted and 5 years of time.

moparful993293d ago

So how do you explaind gt 4 or gt5 prologue? Prologue sold 5.5 million copies worldwide and its just a glorified demo... You 360 zealots put far too much weight into pre-orders and sales for that matter.... Gt5 will be the best selling ps3 exclusive of all time, mark my words... You might want to start thinking of an excuse because when it happens I'm gonna be here to remind you how laughable your naivety is....

saoco3294d ago

there are too many good tittles in october and november... i wish i was rich. im gonna go get some scratch tickets!

KratosGod33294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

But for 360 fanboys it only exits sales numbers…. nothing more.
There’s no other console in the world than 360 and 360 games.
360$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$

units3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

anyone who thinks 360 fans are the only ones that care about sales numbers are fooling themselves

Silly gameAr3294d ago

Ok "UNITS". Good point :/.

moparful993293d ago

You are fooling yourself because the only reason this sales war perpetually chugs along is because every time these vgchartz and npd sales charts appear you all feel the need to point out how poorly you think ps3 games are doing... Thats all these articles are.. Just look at how many people are proclaiming that gt5 preorders are sad or laughable.. You might wanna get off your high horse before you get embarassed.....

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