Kevin Butler As You've Never Seen Him

Most gamers know Kevin Butler from his hilarious performances in the recent string of Sony commercials. But the actor who portrays Butler, Jerry Lambert, has actually been doing weird, goofy commercials for a while now.

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MachinaMaw2931d ago

Jerry Lambert, you are just awesome.

*gives standing ovation*

Sunny_D2931d ago

No man, you just killed it. facepalm/

TheLastGuardian2931d ago

Kevin Butler PS3 commercials have been a little slow in 2010 compared to last year. He's still as funny as ever there just haven't been nearly enough to satisfy. He killed it at E3 though.

Redrum0592931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

i love this guy

he should go to court and have his name changed legaly to Kevin Butler

kingjoker342931d ago

I have also seen him on roles on king of queens, and everybody loves raymond

RayRay362931d ago

Damn. I thought I seen every episode of King of Queens. Apparently not...

xTruthx2931d ago

I saw him on an episode of everybody loves raymond. Season 3 I believe, looked young lol

thong_pounder2931d ago

he is the same guy who was part of scare tactics

sonnyz2931d ago

I saw that too I think. Was he working at a clothing store or something?

Cenobia2931d ago

I think he had people cater a party that was entirely made up of mannequins.

Hilarious (but probably the most creepy thing ever for the person who got tricked into doing it).

antz11042931d ago

@ Sonnyz

He was on it last night as a guy hosting a dinner party where they ate ppl. Lol would have been hilarious if the girl had recognized him.

sonnyz2931d ago

Oh ok. I was thinking of an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Cenobia2931d ago

Ah okay, I must have confused 2 different scenarios.

Both were pretty funny though.

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frostypants2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Funniest commercial character since Joe Isuzu (youtube it, kids).

King-Leonidas2930d ago

Wait i thought his real name was Kevin Butler lol

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slutface2931d ago

Jerry Lambert....ur character single handedly changed Sony forever.

Rainstorm812931d ago

Sony's Advertising *fixed*

SpideyNut2931d ago

...I was hoping I'd get to see him WITHOUT the ridiculous looking dentures/bridge that make him look like the Orbit gum model.

frostypants2931d ago

Yeah, totally. Nice teeth are grrrroooosss!!! Right?

simplyRealistic182931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

well, Spideynut might be european , lmao

*** (dick comment, but he set it up nicely for me, couldn't help it )