Lost Planet images

Capcom released these new images of Lost Planet, showing a few new levels and monsters. The multiplayer mode will be unveiled at the Game Convention in Leipzig in a bit less than 2 weeks.

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THAMMER15389d ago

I cant wait to bust some heads online with this one. I play the XBL demo all the time. This game gives me the same rush as Contra back in those NES days.

Gamer135389d ago

Can,t wait to play it.

Jay da 2KBalla5389d ago

Another great game for the 360.

DC RID3R5389d ago

the games kinda HEAVY!!!!

DJ5389d ago

and honestly i think they should put in the option of FPS mode (like in Ratchet & Clank). The gameplay's boring, but the snow/winter effects are really good. And the lighting is pretty kickass too (especially when you're shooting).

ACE5388d ago

really mate ?...

you are starting to bug quit afew people now ,,, ur comments r very nooby ...

DJ5388d ago

on games that I've played. I played Lost Planet. It's a gorgeous looking game, but the gameplay didn't really entertain me. Great explosions and lighting, but watching the enemies endlessly attempt to run Through the walls and pillars to attack me is pretty laughable. Seeing enemies fail to react to anything as I mindlessly shot them as they crawled toward me isn't very impressive. Previous-gen gameplay with next-gen graphics. Simple as that. Once PS3 titles start becoming playable you'll start seeing me bag on those as well. (untold legends is just itching to be put down)

I want next-gen gameplay along with my next-gen graphics. That's all.