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GameInformer: "In an industry constantly mixed up in rumors and speculation, we can't help but to conjure up a few stories of our own. That's why we got to thinking about the future of gaming and the major players in it, and speculate what their next move will be."

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mrmcygan2932d ago

I always wanted to know if the original ps3 controller was any good.


MultiConsoleGamer2932d ago

Apple has already made a consoles. Its called "Apple TV."

Microsoft will not make a portable gaming system.

Sega is already working on a Dreamcast successor. Its called "The Dreamcast."

The Panasonic Jungle will actually sell once it reveals its killer app. Remember, a lot of MMO players aren't gamers, they're addicts. Give them the chance to "get their fix" on the go and they'll buy this thing in droves. Will it compete with 3DS, iPhone and PSP2, hell no. But it will have its place in the market.