IGN: Final Fantasy XIV Review

Final Fantasy XIV's questing mechanics feel more like a subway commute than a fun gameplay experience. Patches over the course of the next few months may address many of the technical issues, but for now this is not a world worth visiting.

Presentation - 3.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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pwnd_of_lol3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

5.5 IGN

4/10 Gamespot

4.2 Game trailers

2/5 GameSpy


flop of the year confirmed.

knifefight3294d ago

Keep in mind, everyone, that a 5.5/10 from IGN is about the equivalent of a 3/10 at other places.

MachinaMaw3294d ago

Square Enix, I think this is your wake up call.

Please stop making useless junk and actually release a decent game for once.

SnuggleBandit3294d ago

No, quantum theory is foty!

Pandamobile3294d ago

I don't think there's been a bigger flop in history than APB.

As long as this game didn't cost Square $100,000,000 and the closure of their studio, it will be more of a success than APB.

ChineseDemocracy3294d ago

Sound - 8.5

At least it's nice to listen to :)

grailly3294d ago

yeah, I appreciate that part of the review, alot of sites tend to put bad scores everywhere on bad games and don't give good scores where it's due. you can't deny FF14 is pretty and sounds good

sack_boi3294d ago

I blame the X360... oh wait, Microsoft deosn't even want the game on their platform.

I really hope PS3 version does better than this (I highly doubt it).

Heisenberg3294d ago

Well that's embarrassing.

Shang-Long3294d ago

@ bandit... nope this is the flop of the year since you have to pay to keep playing where as QT you pay once.

Biggest3294d ago

How they gave graphics a 7 is a mystery to me. If FFXIV is a 7 in graphics, I feel sorry for most every other game on the market in the graphics department.

Game-ur3294d ago

This is what happens when businessmen are in charge of making games. Wada will drive this company down eventually.

inveni03294d ago

The problem is that Square was making four games at once. That's just stupid. They should have put all of their effort into a single game (two max).

handheldwars3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I love Square Enix and all of its games. Seeing its #1 franchise in this pathetic state is heart breaking :((

The Lazy One3294d ago

@"The problem is that Square was making four games at once. That's just stupid. They should have put all of their effort into a single game (two max)."

I dunno if that's the exact problem. Square is a lot bigger than I think you think it is. Square is actually working on between 10-20 games (if not more) at any given time.

I think they just over-estimated the popularity of a final fantasy MMO and released a product that was depending on the name rather than on the quality. A lot of developers underestimate how much content you need to make a decent MMO.

seinfan3294d ago

This was in development? ROFL!

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PS3Freak3294d ago

"copy pasta'd" haha

Bring back Squaresoft!

Panthers3294d ago

AHHHhahaha thats great. God talk about lazy. You are expecting monthly subscriptions for THIS!?

Redrum0593294d ago

SE has realy become the BullSH*t of this industry, its sad that they used to be ppl's fav... well squaresoft that is.

visualb3294d ago

shows how lazy they got first with FFXIII and then now with FFXIV


looks like they are either:

focusing everything on FFvsXIII


they are f*cking lazy now.

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MrMccormo3294d ago

And it looks like S-E's requested "delay" didn't even convince IGN to hand out one of their usual overbloated review scores...

Rush3294d ago

Yep it's the 360's fault like Final Fantasy XIII nothing to do with the game development, o wait...

Man the shit the PS3 fantards type is awesome.

wissam3294d ago

The game is still utter crap as ff13 as your comment.

IaMs123294d ago

He does have a point that this was a PC and PS3 and its utter crap. It doesnt depend what system its for and all the accusations that the 360 was holding it all back, flys out the window with this. Look at RAGE, 360 isnt holding it back the devs are smart enough to work with the problems/around them for the 360 while not letting it interfere with other platforms.

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AntoineDodson3295d ago

One of the highest scores so far lolol

CrzyFooL3295d ago

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cuz Square is rapin errbody out here!

Reeperdotcom3294d ago

Thank you soo much for that comment....

Leafhopper3294d ago

Thank you I needed that laugh.

Eamon3294d ago

That comment is a winrar.

WTFIGO3294d ago

You my friend, are made of win.

CrzyFooL3294d ago

Give meh bubbles for teh lolz!!!

AntoineDodson3294d ago

No fair, he gets teh bubbles for my name ;__;

Spydiggity3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

this comment would be funny...if it made sense or had some relevance. instead it was just a random family guy-esque (pointless joke) reference. only way square is rapin you is if you're dumb enough to buy their garbage products.

love that song though.

EDIT: and to the guy way above that said this is flop of the year...could be, i suppose. but was anyone really expecting this to be anything but crap. i could tell from the moment they released the first footage of this game that it was going to be a non-starter. it looked like junk then it and continues to be junk now.

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Celeras3294d ago

I'm all for this game flopping, but come on. 7.0 for graphics?

Tikicobra3295d ago

World of Warcraft killer indeed.

lodossrage3295d ago

I wonder if this was why Square Enix told reviewers not to review their game yet

NYC_Gamer3295d ago

SE might as well stick to creating handheld games