IncGamers: Medal Of Honor Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald completes Medal of Honor on the Xbox 360 and gives his opnion of EA's big FPS release.

"Paul: So how's Medal of Honor?
Tim: Really, really good. Really good. I was expecting something average, at best, but this is fantastic.

I give that snippet of conversation – a conversation that took place shortly after finishing Medal of Honor - because it's important to note how enthusiastic I was when I first finished it. Believe me, I'm going to complain a lot in the words to follow, but I want you to remember that first opinion."

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syrinx3293d ago

I am dissapointed with the score. After all the hype about how it could be the next big FPS, I am stunned it's not getting higher scores.

Fyzzu3293d ago

Yeah :/ It does sound fun, but problematic...

Maticus3293d ago

That's the problem with hype, it can backfire.

alien6263293d ago

just finish the story and wow iam amaze the only downside its shirt but keeps u playing...ill give story 9 lasting appeal hmm 6.5 kind of short finish it in less then a day but still good i loved it

DirtyLary3293d ago

someone translate please.

BannedForNineYears3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

There'sThisThingCalledACom aLrn2UseItOtherwiseItSoundsLik e EveryWordIsConnected.

Shackdaddy8363293d ago

Well, I'm betting the sequel will be better since this is just a re-boot.

ReservoirDog3163293d ago

Cause an 8 is a terrible score huh?

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BulletToothtony3293d ago

8 to 9 and a couple of very near perfect scores... but guess what...

i can't wait to play something different for once.. tired of noob friendly killstreaks and ridiculous perks that make anybody a decent player..

the beta was fun.. so imma buy it play it and when i'm bored i'll switch to black ops and viceversa..

still i think reviewers are not gonna be fair because they're comparing everything to cod series..

syrinx3293d ago

I don't think they are. I thoguht CoD was really average. I think it depends on your gameplay style.

UltimaEnder3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Wait you just reviewed the single-player, seriously? And then gave it a final score, what you trying to get some pageviews - that's really bad for your site's credibility.....

Shackdaddy8363293d ago

These aren't even credible websites to begin with. Notice how they are reviewing before EA's review embargo is taken off? If I wanted my review to be taken seriously, then I would have just waited tomorrow and saw why EA put that embargo up in the first place. Then do the review. You never know, it may affect what you think about the game...

syrinx3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

UltimaEnder. From what I understand multiplayer reviews are not really possible right now because of the lack of players and lag issues. Although the multiplayer has been played and impressions of that will be added to the same review in next 24 hours as more players get online, but score will be the same based on multiplayer preview events, multiplayer beta play and multiplayer retail play.

It is already release day so embargo is done and EA approved.

jjank113293d ago

Therefore is not a fair review of a game because you did not spend considerable time with one of the main features of the game in its final state. Multiplayer preview events and beta play in no way should be used to do a final review for any game, that is asinine!

syrinx3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You misunderstand, multiplayer of retail has been played and obviously tested, despite low population levels at the moment. So all of above is taken into account :)

LordMarius3293d ago

I guess EA forgot to send the checks, bet you Activision wont forget

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