IGN: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Preview

The undead in Red Dead aren't the shambling, slow moving creatures from some zombie flicks you might have seen. Some of them can move incredibly quickly, especially the variant that runs on all fours like dogs. There are also giant fat zombies with axes protruding from their decaying bodies and women who spit bile at you from a distance.

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Keith Olbermann2929d ago

I was just about to sell my copy and now one purchase here.

user8586212929d ago

Cannot f*cking wait!! xD

tommyth3cat2929d ago

Finally a game that deserves a zombie mode. Can't wait to hold down the roofs of Blackwater!

Orionsangel2929d ago

Release date will probably be on the 26th about a week or so before Halloween.

LF912929d ago

i'm definitely getting this dlc, who else is getting it for playstation?

murcielago42929d ago

right here, i been saving 13 dollars on my PSN account just for this DLC since i heard about it, i was gonna spend it on DLC for BC2 but i'm glad i saw this RDR DLC b4 it was to late.

LF912929d ago

i'll tell you what they need to add aswell, red dead avatars on psn