IGN: Dance Central Teaches Us to Groove Like a Pro

Ryan Clements hops on the Soul Train and shows how easy it is to learn expert moves in Dance Central. Watch him go from schmo to pro in just one day!

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deadreckoning6663290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Looks like fun. Wish I had the space in my living room to actually use this.

Btw, Clements looks like a pro right there lol.

@below- Idk why they have to hate on everything Kinect...whatever, kids ill be kids. Dance Central looks awesome IMO and I know plenty of friends at my college who'd be interested in playing it. I see this being a really hot item this Christmas.

solidjun53290d ago

Well you've always had a 360 so i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

rroded3290d ago

i mean they obviously have the set up at ign ta show us a split frame or him n the screen on the same frame...
jus sayin it b nice to see some real 1:1 gameplay if kinect can that is..

uxo223290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Definitely a day 1 purchase for me. I also think it is awesome that they break the dances down. This is going to be a blast on those Friday nights hanging out with the crew.

How do you know when you got something nice, the hater start to nit pick and they are constantly looking for a crack in the armour. Why, because they fear it! haha, fear it haters, this game is gonna rock.

Raikiri3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

They actually don't look like the stiff nerds we see all the time,Especially Clements, he looks like he's really in to it...

Dance Central will be HOT for kinect

-Coming from a StreetDancer

-Alpha3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Yes, it looks pretty good. This can easily be the new DDR/Guitar Hero.

Accessible for any age/gamer with a level of depth to it that takes more skill for dedicated players. On top of that it teaches you to actually dance, which saves the annoying "I don't play with plastic guitars" snobby criticism I hear so much for rhythm games.

This is easily going to be a killer app for Kinect, it's got a lot of potential to be a big game, and hopefully it turns out to be actually good.

gamingdroid3290d ago

That is what I'm thinking too. This could be the next Rock Band/Guitar Hero ironically from the same developers too.

-Alpha3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

If it's from the same developers then even better, there is always the possibility that it ends up being gimmicky, shallow, and buggy

Harmonix has a pretty good rep.

8-bit3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

This game is gesture based and it doesn't even track you 1:1. The characters on the screen dance regardless of what you do or how you move. It does however check to see if you made the gesture and credit you if you did. It goes to a silhouette mode from time to time where it let's you freestyle and it doesn't really track you but instead show an outline of you as if it's video from the camera with some sort of filter on.

8-bit3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

It's really not 1:1

I promise you. Proof watch the video

Disagrees are in DENIAL.... Watch the damn video one minute in

-Alpha3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


Don't mean to be rude, but so what if it's not 1:1?

I didn't expect it to be and I think that you are missing the point.

Lack of 1:1 doesn't mean that it will be a bad game, the motion tracking is more macro-tracking than micro-tracking. I don't really expect the game to focus on finger movements, but rather motions of the bigger part of my body, mainly my legs, arms, etc.

If it can do that fine then I don't really see the reason to complain about Kinect. The game seems fine so far, and it seems to be built around the utilization of somebody's limbs than fingers.

Moonboots3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

8-Bit: I watched that video and on the left of the screen there is a live image of you moving and it looks 1:1 to what the guy was doing. It's right next to the move set that scrolls vertically.

He didn't do well the first time and the video cut off and didn't show his score on the second play through.

I dunno, it looks like it could be fun and people love to dance and if the songs are what's hot in the clubs I think they might have the next Guitar Hero. Looks like a decent workout at the same time.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3290d ago

"So this thing really works"

No it doesn't.

Hey you can easily prove me wrong by posting up a video. I'll just wait right here until you do.

johnnywit3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

This video was the first video to actually get me pumped for motion controls. When he went into solo mode I was like "hell yeah!!!" I still don't know if I will pick up either kinect or move though.

BTW street dancers are awesome. Every time I'm down in Waikiki I always go and watch the street performers dance.

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Imperator3290d ago

I'm a big Kinect hater, but I must admit this is the only game I've seen so far that looks like it could be fun. Still, I personally would not pay $150 just for this one game; however, I'm not a complete fanboy.

Yes, I hate on Kinect now, but if MS actually releases some good core games for it that work, then I'm all for it. Show me the games and I'll buy it. As of now, it's nowhere near my buy list.

kaveti66163290d ago

"Yes, I hate on Kinect now, but if MS actually releases some good core games for it that work, then I'm all for it."

That's why you people are so annoying. You make something seem like shit until you're satisfied. Stop talking about Kinect, then. You're just mad because it's going to be successful. It's not even fucking catered to people like us. There's a large market of people who don't play games like we do. That's what MS is targeting. It doesn't matter what they say in the marketing.

It didn't matter when Sony said that all of their games would run in 1080p at 120 fps, either.

jarrod19813289d ago

your right kaveti. you alpha and dead reckoning are some of my favorite posters on this site. breath of fresh air compared to some of the biggest d bag trolls like 8 bit. they really are annoying fanboys at their worst. they are insecure about the fact that kinect is going to be so much more popular than move i guess. and i own both systems and play both equally so im not trolling. its just that these sony fanboys are by far the worst.

JokesOnYou3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Damm, looks like IGN's editor was so into Dance Central. This definitely looks like a Kinect game that could prove really popular across all demographics, but meh' I can't see myself really getting into this type of game, lol I can dance with the best of them but I only do that at the club.


edit uhm, Imperator yeah you are a complete fanboy you spend waaaay to much time hating everything 360, and hyping move/ps3...frankly move doesn't have 1 single killer app out now, just a bunch of casual games and some patched in move supported games. I mean nobody other than ps3 fanboys are screaming "OMG this is great" regarding any of the available move software. Yet many ps3 folks have paid more than $150 for move when you consider 2 player requirements with nav controller. lol n4g is not reality neither move nor kinect have anything worthwhile available for hardcore gamers right now unless you just want to play with the tech and hoping for better games= paying for potential....why is that OK for move and not kinect? Kinect seems to be improving with Ubi and Japanese devs already demoing better games coming, so if you were really interested you just shut up, play your great move games and give it time.

Jaces3290d ago

Don't know if most casual gamers will want to take the time to learn all these moves step by step unless they're really committed.

I can see dance enthusiast and perhaps those who want to learn to dance. The wii audience will be disappointed for sure since all you had to do was maybe move your arm a little to the left or right to pull off a technique.

BkaY3290d ago

thats it done deal.... gonna get kinect as soon as its out...


Blaze9293289d ago

this is hands down Kinect's killer app for launch. Game looks amazing and so much fun. Definitely THE only reason I'm even considering buying Kinect

Jaces3289d ago

So one game is enough to make you want to buy Kinect...ooook..

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panasonic233290d ago

Dance Central is going to be #1 item this Christmas.

Otheros003290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

We shall see. I wish things work as they are advertise. :(
I'm not talking about kinect specifically. I'm talking about everything that are advertise to do a certain thing but doesn't do it very well.
For example: the wiimote. the ads for the wii that I saw on tv make the wii seem accurate and fun. But when I tried it is wasn't accurate and was a chore to play using the wiimote. so, when every I play on the wii I would use the shell controller.

Dark3603290d ago

Dance Central is going to be the killer app for kinect.

Bigpappy3290d ago

Dance Central, Kinect Sports and Your Shape Fitness for the ladies. All will sell millions each. But Dance Central will be the most critically acclaimed Kinect game.

Imperator3290d ago

Can I borrow your time machine plzzz?

PoorMansGT3290d ago

denial much?none of those will even hit 1 million.

Homicide3290d ago

Agreed Bigpappy. I think this and Ubisoft's Your Shape Fitness game can be huge hits if marketed correctly.

Dance Central looks fun; even I want to try out.