Australian Release of Pro Evo Soccer 2011 and Castlevania: LoS Delayed Another Week

Bryce Wilson fo RipTen: "For any of my Australian friends holding out for the release of either game, I’m sorry to say but there’s going to be another slight ammendment to the release date..."

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Sandwich Bender3292d ago

You poor, poor Australians. Always getting crapped on. At least tell me Castlevania isn't cut to shit?

Drjft3292d ago

Haha nah it's unedited! Wooo.

CrzyFooL3292d ago

What else is new? Australian gamers always get screwed.

aselah3292d ago

Well that sucks for them. At least it will be worth the wait!

Kreyg3292d ago

It's a good thing I don't live there. I waiting long enough for castlevania

jaredhart3292d ago

Read this review Bryce,

and know you can't get your hands on this game for at least another week. :-P

Drjft3291d ago

Snap. Konami already sent me mine :p

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