G4TV: Fallout: New Vegas Special

New Vegas will, as the name suggests, take the adventure to Sin City, where the glitzy neon signs light up even the postapocalyptic wasteland.

Check out G4TV's 4 part preview including:

- Sin City destroyed
- New features
- The art of the apocalypse
- The weapons of destruction

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Chuk53752d ago

It looks like the only actual fallout will be my social life for weeks.

zeeshan3752d ago pllaayy Fallouutt!!!

NegativeCreepWA3752d ago

Cant wait to lose another 200+ hours of my life.

Vegeta90003752d ago

I'm tired of these Oblivion clones.

n to the b3752d ago

I admit I've never played the previous fallouts so I guess I can't criticize fans for wanting their original formula. BUT...

"I'm tired of these Oblivion clones."

what clones (plural), aside from fallout3? and I think you gotta admit that even the 1 'oblivion clone' I'm acknowledging VASTLY improved the major fault of the existing elder scrolls games: the artificial, disconnected levelup system.

Neckbear3752d ago

It's basically because of the engine, I guess.

Oblivion with guns. That's what Fallout became with Fallout 3, sadly. And, for the looks of it, it's what Fallout: New Vegas is going to be, too.

BannedForNineYears3752d ago ShowReplies(4)
clintos593752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I just finished FF13 & even though the gameplay was pretty good, without the free roaming & side quest & everything that made FF7 & FF8 & FFX true FF games, FF13 was a let down to me. I just cant wait for Fallout Vegas because Fallout 3 was the first of the series I ever played but man enjoyed over 250+ hours of that game. Just put it this way, I bought Fallout 3 late because I heard so many good things about it but had so many games at the time to play including MGS4 that I didnt think about Fallout 3 at the time. I bought it around the same time I bought CODMW2 and after a month of CODMW2 I decided to pop in Fallout 3 & from the time I put this game in, CODMW2 became a memory & was long forgotten. Fallout 3 had to be one of my top 5 games this generation, yes that is how much I loved it. If there is one change I would like to see, it would be multiple endings to the story or even have multiple changes to the story made from your choices & actions, if they added that this game easilly would be a GOTY winner.

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The story is too old to be commented.