Medal of Honor 2010 Graphics and Performance Tweak Guide

You can tweak Medal of Honor 2010 to run better on your system, or for an increase in performance if you are facing any performance issues. For that, you will need to edit configuration file of Medal of Honor 2010, which you can find it in the locations specified for your specific operating system.

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steve30x2930d ago

Its not very accurate. I dont have a settings.ini file in the folder they specified in windows 7 X64. I have all hidden files unhidden and file extensions shown.

steve30x2929d ago

Let me get this right?

I dont have a Settings.ini file in the folders pointed out and I am wrong for saying so? This website never changes.

segmentnext2930d ago

My Documents/EA Games/Medal of Honor/Multiplayer/settings.ini *

steve30x2929d ago

I dont have a settings.ini in that folder.

Charazani2930d ago

I've been subbed to this guy on YouTube who often does these guides as new games release. Not saying he is the only person who knows of this, or forms a guide. But, I find this an odd coincidence.

segmentnext2929d ago

which guy are we talking about ?