The Resistance 3 Cover You've Never Seen

GameInformer: "Take a look at alternate cover art for issue 211 and an early sketch of the final Resistance 3 cover design."

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Faztkiller3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I believe I like the alternate cover more But I understand why they choose with the first one.

user83971443294d ago

I still remember when I bought my PS3 with a copy of Resistance: Fall of Man. Online was amazing! I miss them days :(.

Relientk773294d ago

Resistance:FoM was the first game I actually played online. Like a lot

user83971443294d ago

Same here and it was my first FPS too and played it more than anything else.

GLoRyKnoT3294d ago

FoM was the first game I inserted into my PS3:)

Nitrowolf23294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

R1 did so much right that R2 did not have

I really, really, really loved their online system lobby. Text Chat inside game lobbies, clan launch (i don't remember) and in-game friend list that was one of my favorite part that you can have friends design for Resistance game rather then adding them to your list. If they can bring that stuff back i am happy (plus the weapon wheel)
I really think this made the community
When i played R2 just getting into a game felt dumb compare to 1, i mean they didn't go with a whole lobby system of anything, R1 made the online feel like a separate game

my first PS3 game
i wish it was still as popular as it was back then

El Nino3293d ago

rfom had a great community....really miss those days..

BlackSharinganX3293d ago

why fix something that aint broken it was superb really R1 online lobby was great, felt a more horror feel took skill to play the game, when R2 came out i was so exited then when i saw they changed every way to play the game i stoped playing it after 1000 kills got boring some skills sure they were nice a bit hardly necessary, but couldnt they keep the same concept and add the abilities like choose your ability everyone will start with the same weapon and you look for your own weapon around the field. Auger shield were cool but i think they were unbalanced since no grenades could pass over them and ti was the only thing possible to pass over since on R1 was they key to combat against them. Idotn know i wish that insomiac saw this detail really and try to fuse some elements of R2 with the gameplay of R1

VenomCarnage893293d ago

Resistance was the first online game I ever played, and it shaped my online expectations and preferences completely. I honestly haven't been equally into another online game ever and unless R3 brings the R1 back along with its own upgrades, I don't think I ever will. Man I miss playing R:FoM late every night, wish I still was friends with my old R:FoM buddies I would try and get everyone back for one last match.

The_Devil_Hunter3293d ago

Yeah R:FoM was the first game I played online period. The community was awesome and I'm definitely never going to forget the fun I had in that game, that's were I made my friends of which I played RE5, Killzone 2, MW2, R2 etc. It's where my PS3 adventure began, and I'm never going to forget that.

gameraxis3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

u seem like the type of friend i want on my list, i also loved r1 soo much and hated r2...they basically sold out all the things that make Resistance unique, and somehow managed to downgrade the graphics,A BIG "EXCEPT" on the swamp&fog level and the sewers level, but everything was colorful and jaggy, i was like WHAT? they use the same engine, so r1 was awesome then ratchet was awesome, but they seemed to have taken the color pallet of ratchet and put it in r2. i hope they bring it back to 1's style while blowing up the playstation making it a dark, serious, graphical marvel. The gameplay is always there in an insomniac game... but i really hope its going to be what the second one should have been times 10, because u can read it everywhere that they know, and are hurt that they dissapointed their pretty huge fanbase on the launch title... oh yea, psn = gam3raxis

user83971443293d ago

By the way I bought it in November 2006. And played it all 2007! My last match was in 2009

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gemc6663294d ago

Title is missleading, i tought they were talking about the game cover

theafroman3294d ago

im loving the ''yeah one dint have a giant widowmaker'' lol

Mucudadada3294d ago

Resistance 3 will be a whole new direction for the Resistance franchise. I highly expect the game to be more like a British horror game, than a standard FPS. L4D + Silent Hill.

LordMarius3294d ago

yeah thats what I am getting from the cover and the screenshots that have been released

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The story is too old to be commented.