Player Affinity: Def Jam Rapstar Review

Myself, Jay Malone, said: "I’ve enjoyed Rock Band games before, they’ve been a blast to play with other people, but never did they fully sink their fangs into me. I was never that guy that bought the latest DLC weekly and would play constantly. The fact of the matter is, I don’t like the bands that they feature in their games. I’m not a big rock music fan in the first place. I am a huge rap fan, though. Particularly the older rap such as “Just a Friend,” “Juicy,” “It Was a Good Day,” etc. Because of this, when I laid my eyes on Def Jam Rapstar, it looked like pure gold."

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Grim_Fandango3296d ago

Games probably fun... but rapping--ugh. Give me a set of drums and I'll probably play it, lol.

Good review man!

MrMccormo3296d ago

I would not rate this game anything above a 6/10.

- only 45 songs
- a lot of rappers missing like Jay Z, Enimem, and Ghostface Killa (yeah, I know they're not on the Def Jam label, but isn't this supposed to be a definitive rap game?)
- all the songs are heavily edited and bleeped, not the original songs

TheGamerGeek3295d ago

Fair points but I find 45 songs to be quite a bit. And I'd much rather have 2Pac and Notorious BIG than Eminem and Jay-Z.

The heavy editing is quite annoying.

RobertMF3295d ago

The editing does sound like it would be a big problem. I know Rock Band does it, but it can get away with it better because it also has the drums, bass and guitar in addition to singing. In a game that's based entirely around vocals, though, cutting out words from the song seems strange.

In an case, nice to see the music genre branching out a bit. Now how about a country game???

Hey, where's everybody going...?

Invadersims3295d ago

The video game debut of Biz Markie is definitely something that makes me want to try this game. However, the editing may drive me away.