Video Games Daily: Sonic 4 Review – is this the best game franchise reboot in years?

Video Games Daily writes: "Last night I was hanging around in Soho with a friend, enjoying a sneaky Sunday pint outside one of our favourite pubs. Randomly, one of the UK games industry’s better known PR people strolled past; he was in town for a preview event taking place just this morning. In our catch-up banter, we discovered that despite being mercilessly immersed in gaming, we both have a huge pile of games to get through but just haven’t got around to playing them."

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cyguration2982d ago

I'm tempted to buy a Wii for this game...


KratosGirI2982d ago

You are aware that this game is also on the 360, PS3 and iPhone too, right?

Cyrus3652982d ago

Tempting on any system.

jrm1252982d ago

Isn't to odd it only took them a decade and a half to realize this is what gamer's wanted? We didn't want overly complex crap, we just wanted speedy good times grabbing rings and smashing Robotnik.

Welcome back Sonic

Disclaimer: I actually liked Sonic Adventure...bought a Dreamcast for it at the time and I'm not sorry I did.

ECM0NEY2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I bought Sonic Adventure on XBLA. Now all I need are some Chao!!!

princejb1342982d ago

i dont think this is what every sonic fan wants
cause i know i dont
they should have just kept sonic unleashed with day time levels and it would have done well

K922981d ago

If you want the day time levels of Sonic Unleshed then get Sonic colors.

MAiKU2981d ago

That is what sonic is for the 3D video games when Sonic Colors comes out. I believe the head guy in charge for the sonic games stated that whilst sonic 4 goes back to it's 2D stage roots Sonic colors provides what gamers want out of a 3D sonic experience.

AntoineDcoolette2982d ago

To be fair Sonic has been in 2D game play and rather enjoyable on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS

2982d ago
TheSadTruth2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

this isn't what "gamers" wanted..

why would I want a sequel that's inferior to sonic 1, 2 and 3?

This game looks terrible overall, it looks amateurish, it plays like garbage. Sega has proven they no longer have any talent working at their studios. The only part they got right was making it a side scroller.


Sega is a joke

Chuk52982d ago

You tell 'em truth. Your discriminating tastes are ones everyone should aspire to. But seriously get off your on 2 inch ego. The only part you got right is forming an opinion, but it's so exaggerated why should anyone listen to you?

TheSadTruth2982d ago

2 inch ego?
discriminating tastes?

Do you just make up expressions? And who said anyone should listen to me, this is my opinion and I believe it's wrong to stereotype type "gamers" and say:

"Isn't to odd it only took them a decade and a half to realize this is what gamer's wanted?"

Because this is still not good enough for me, or imo any TRUE sonic fan. You PS3 fanboys on this site complain about dumbed down multiplat games because of the 360.. well this is dumbed down even harder so its playable on the iphone, etc.

This is complete garbage, and it's sad nostalgia makes people think this is good enough, just because they TRIED to return to their roots.

yewles12982d ago

"You PS3 fanboys on this site complain about dumbed down multiplat games because of the 360.. well this is dumbed down even harder so its playable on the iphone, etc."

Another bruised ego... I WAS agreeing with you until I came to this part. tsk, tsk, tsk...

princejb1342982d ago

i agree with you sadtruth
this is inferior
and is not really progressing sonic as a character

MAiKU2981d ago

I'm willing to bet that "the sad truth" here is that you're trolling, but in case you might be slightly uninformed i'll humor it with one reply.

You cant say the game plays like garbage when you haven't played it, the game isn't released yet. And if you're talking about the already released iphone version that is not the up to date build of the game geared towards the game consoles.

I guess it's a joke to you when overall, and slightly over exaggerated opinions, reaction of the first build caused sega to delay the game further to fix any negative feelings the fans had with the leaked footage and gameplay. Yeah totally lacking of talent here.

The real joke here are those stupid fan made vids you posted, no one ever finishes a sonic fan made game project.

Yeah it's probably not better than sonic 2 or 3 and it plays a lot like sonic 1 so far but hey they're starting to listen and they're trying harder than you with your false information.

Then again you could be trolling disagreeing with any sense of logic thrown at you.

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