PVR planned for early 2008 release

Announced at Leipzig, the incredible new HD PVR accessory for the PS3 looks to hit retailers some time in the beginning of 2008

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sak5004073d ago

So Sony doesnt copy ideas from its competitors. M$ announed IPTV year back.

Vip3r4073d ago

This isn't IPTV fanboy.

mighty_douche4073d ago

yeahMS annouce it a year ago but where is it?? sony have just annoucced it and its out in jan/feb! what does that say...

Kyur4ThePain4073d ago

"Sak" is short for "Sack of sh!t", right?

Oh, and by the say MS announced IPTV a year ago...where is it then?

segasage4073d ago

more AAA games sony more games........

mighty_douche4073d ago

basically Sky+ but much cheaper and with the ability to stream or store programmes on your psp using just wi-fi! amazing!

DrRage774072d ago

this thing is a seperate accessory?? what ever happened to having it integrated into the ps3? now people actually have to pay additional for an accessory to have the ps3 funciton as a pvr?? sux!