USA Retail Sales Preview for September 2010

NPD will be releasing data regarding the performance of the USA videogame market this Thursday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. The data covers the five weeks ending October 3, 2010 (August 29-October 3). Based on VGChartz data for the same period, we expect NPD to report the following information.

DS - 585,560
360 - 482,414
Wii - 316,111
PS3 - 278,167
PSP - 125,603
PS2 - 41,154

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3292d ago Replies(5)
Imperator3292d ago

You must be one of those 360 kids who are barely in their first generation and believe Halo invented gaming. LMAO.

bmw693292d ago

Or someone who can read a sales chart and see that Halo sold more than the rest of the top 20 combined...

tatotiburon3292d ago

or someone that enjoys an amazing FPS and will play it a lot, unlike some others gamers taht claims that a game called it killzone 2 is so amazing that 4 months after the game was released stop playing it (no one finish the campaign and the online room is empty)

Makidian3292d ago

It's not hard to guess that Halo dominated the month but the rest is heresay.

panasonic233292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

But worldwide Pokemon >Halo

shutupandplay3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Holy crap. The 360 is steamrolling the competition. Over 200,000 more units sold than the PS3, unbelievable. Lol, the PS3 is constantly getting smacked around by the 360.

I can`t wait for the official numbers, it looks like the 360 will be up by closer to 6 million at this point, so much for that 3 million gap, that was the smallest it`s ever going to get. Good to see the 360 whooping the PS3 in sales once again, it`s about time.

ZombieAssassin3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Isn't this just the US and the first time it's outsold it this much in a long time and prolly only did that because of Reach? Pretty sure they are usually even in Europe and always ahead in Japan, so in the end they usually even out.

Anyways good to see hardware still selling good in America.

3292d ago
shadyiswin3292d ago

It never evens out, the 360 is owning the ps3 2:1 in europe, the ps3 only has japan which gets only 120,000 sold a month and thats be very nice. The 360 does that in one week in the u.s. Stop getting it twisted we want japans developers, there sales aren't that important. They want our money, a so so xbox title can easily do a million, so they will sign on, a bunch sure did rush on the kinect bandwagon :)

Imperator3292d ago

The 360's flagship title launched in Sept. OF COURSE it was gonna sell a lot. What moron would say it wouldn't? Sure, Reach didn't have as big an impact as Halo 3, but we all knew it'd have some sort of impact.

3292d ago
kneon3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I've said exactly that, Halo won't move a lot of consoles. It only grew sales 35% m/m versus 23% for the PS3, that's not a huge jump since sales are normally up in September vs August.

But there are always some people that are going to upgrade or buy the Halo bundle or just replace a dead or dieing console so they can play Halo. So yes the numbers will go up for September due to Halo, but there won't be sustained console sales growth due to Halo. We'll see a similar uptick for COD, and for the same reasons.

But what they really need is to pull in new customers, not repeat buyers. In that regard Kinect will likely have a far bigger impact than Halo, regardless of whether it ultimately fails or succeeds.

Meisadragon3292d ago

after GT5 i aint gonna touch my 360 till gears 3. you can enjoy sales when its 150 bucks cheaper thn the ps3 lol.

ukilnme3292d ago

Well since it had to be taken there, Reach keeps me plenty busy. I have not played my PS3 in about a month except for the update and I will not be touching it again until KZ3 comes out.

sack_boi3292d ago

I won't be touching my PS3 again... till someone gets it out of the trash can.

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