Buy One, Get One Free UMDs

Deep Discount DVD is having a sale, presumably to get rid of them quick, where you buy one UMD movie and you get one free. The UMDs all come with free shipping so this seems like a really good deal for those who have and use our PSPs.

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Marriot VP5390d ago

remember when they were all at 17 bucks each, no wonder they failed.

joemutt5390d ago

You were watching it on a screen littered with dead pixels. No wonder Nintendo wiped its ass with Sony's PSP. And I mean really, wiped its ass.

specialguest5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

what happens to the UMD that doesn't sell? does it get returned to the Sony warehouse? if it does, does Sony just throw it away like old grocery store fruits and vegetables? if that's the case, then i'll be waiting at the warehouse dumpster getting some free UMD movies.

BIadestarX5390d ago

still not worth. they should include them in cereal boxes.