Is Microsoft afraid of Negative Kinect Reviews?

Game Informer's Editor in Chief tweets:

Microsoft is making it VERY difficult to get Kinect 1st party games in for review. Kudo stop the PR insanity Plz so we can cover the launch!

To Journalists isn't that a troubling sign they haven't sent you stuff yet? GI's Andy: Very much so.

This poses the question: Is Microsoft not confident in Kinect 1st party titles?

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imvix3761d ago

They arent afraid at all which is why they havent brought out their big guns yet, next gen FPS, RTS, MMO, Racing, Adventure all utilizing Kinect /S

MrMccormo3761d ago

Microsoft has been censoring as much negative press about Kinect as they can (similar to Turn 10's behavior with F***a 3. Oops better censor that too or mods are gonna delete my post).

Microsoft has even been censoring the media's reaction to Kinect's advertisements. It really proves that Microsoft knows Kinect is going to be a blob.

rroded3761d ago

that n hype unfortunately thats all you need in america....
a few paid reviews by cnet n the likes lots of hype n it will sell. Jus feel for the kids who wake up to it xmas morning.

visualb3761d ago

so true.

still, I doubt its been so much censuring, more like keeping them at bay until its 100% ready (which I don't believe it still is =/)

a bit like SE with FFXIV, not that its ok, but i wouldn't go so far as calling it censuring

gcolley3761d ago

doesnt prove anything if you are over 12 years old. it is called business. they all do it.

grow up and open your eyes to the real world. why would they have a roadshow?

XabiTheHumble3761d ago

Man, the mods had me banned for a week and took my bubble just for laughing at the situation lol.

Perjoss3761d ago

the target audience for Kinect is not the games review reading kind.

8-bit3761d ago

"the target audience for Kinect is not the games review reading kind."

Not on these websites and gaming magazines that's for sure. But the mainstream media could get a hold of it to review. News sites and Television reviews that parents watch tell them what's hot for the holidays.

HolyOrangeCows3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

"Interestingly enough the notorious “Internet Investigator” within the Microsoft Anti Piracy Investigator group misspelled “Kinect” by calling it “Kinetic,” which is an old PS2 Eyetoy fitness game"
LULZ. Major ones.

"the target audience for Kinect is not the games review reading kind"
You're right; it's for the fools in the dark.

number473761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Wonder if destructoid will keep being MS fanboys after this?

MS is a big baby.

vsr3760d ago

But we won't know about what's the transaction between the company and the press for the positive reviews/hands on

3760d ago
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deadreckoning6663761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Kinect's already getting reviews? How do you review an unfinished product?

Edit: Well it didn't take long for the Sony fan brigade to arrive here. I don't understand why they obsess over seeing Kinect fail. Weird.

@Shadow- Yep, I guess it won' your fantasy world. As for me, I'm a gamer and the possibilities Kinect offers has me pretty excited. You see, unlike 80% of N4G...I PLAY games before I judge them...and I don't hold reviews and GOTY awards as the word of God.

Shadow Flare3761d ago

guess kinect will never get reviewed then

number473761d ago

Come on, you're acting like Kinect is offering some deep gameplay thats never before seen.

Are you honestly on the fence about ricochet or canoe jump?

commodore643761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Spot on deadreckoning.

Why are reviews expected on a product that has not been released?
Do we have reviews out for GT5? No?

What about the glitchy GT5 demos?
Every time there is a new video showing a glitch in GT5 we have every single member of the PS3 defence force making excuses and concluding that the glitch will be fixed before release.
Yet, when we are talking about Kinect, the same logic does not apply.
What is wrong with these guys?

The fact that so many ps3 fanboys are in here hating on kinect, before its release simply shows how little interest they really have in their PS Move.

Sad, but true.

Pennywise3761d ago

Guys... I know as you get older the days seem to pass faster and you might lose track of time, or not realize how fast this year is moving. Kinect is due out in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS.

One of the biggest gaming journalist reviewers does not even have a review package yet? By now, before Move's launch - Everyone had Move. They were all testing and reviewing the hell out of it. Now, three weeks left and this disturbing tweet comes out. So you tell me, does it mean that MS is scared? Will Kinect be delayed? Or will MS just release Kinect with no reviews... or better yet, paid for, bought to you by: Microsoft reviews. I wonder...

Either way... Kinect should be in reviewers hands already. They have to have some time for production and I can gaurentee Kinect's camera is already in final phase of design.

But who knows, mabye us "sony fans" have brainwashed the reviewers to join our crusade to slander Kinect. lol... have a good night.

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happyface3761d ago

Sony MOVE games had such poor reviews it had to negatively effect sales somewhat

MS prob saw Sonys mistake and wants to prevent it

Imperator3761d ago

WTF are you smoking dude. LMAO.

blusoops3761d ago

the GAMES reviewed poorly, (except sports champions), but the actual hardware had great reviews all around.

Liquid_Ocelot3761d ago

Xbox Division will CANCEL Kinect's production!? :O
I mean, you said that Microsoft are trying to avoid PlayStation Move's 'failure'.. I suppose that means that they'll stop Kinect's production completely, since there doesn't seem any other way to AVOID failure.

Specially such a HUGE failure like the one PlayStation Move had. Oh my, I better sell my PS3 before it drops its value even more *puts PS3 in a box*. /PS fanboy :)

quiddd3761d ago

"you are the controller,' How would you shoot, run, change direction, accelerate, brake, climb, melee attack, etc..........

badz1493761d ago

pew pew pew, vroom vroom vroom, bang bang bang?

Deadly_Sinner3761d ago

Dude, that was hysterical!!! I could not stop laughing!!

Bubbles to you.

Moentjers3760d ago

thx, you just got me to laugh

Hellsvacancy3761d ago

How did this crap get approved?

tacosRcool3761d ago

Yea, they ain't bringing out the big checks yet to pay off some reviewers

tatotiburon3761d ago

the only people who are afraid is the ps3fanboys...look them crying all kinect articles

Makidian3761d ago

And all of those games will be out late next year and on-glorious-rails, have fun moving in a straight line whilst making the occasional left or right turn in every single core type game they release.

frostypants3760d ago

This is a common maneuver in the film industry: don't offer any early showings of a bad film, so critics can't review it before full release.

If a film on has no consensus the day before it's released, you knows it's bad. Same goes with games.

cliffbo3760d ago

of course they are afraid, Kinect is the biggest con in video game history

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GreenRingOfHope3761d ago

No One Could Give Such A Great Piece Of HardWare A Bad Review!

MrMccormo3761d ago

Obvious dupe account is obvious.

Motorola3761d ago

I know right ^^
On topic: Negative reviews are called Negative for a reason

karl3761d ago

i thought this was about software not being shown or handed

visualb3761d ago

with an awesome avatar.

you are an insult to a great movie and a great actor.

westy5523761d ago

Why do you use similar pictures and names, if ya gunna make different accounts why make it so obvious? And why are the pictures so ugly? Bloody hell.

Ilikegames763761d ago

usually not very bright is one of the reason I can think of.

MicroSony3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

The picture is the effect when microsoft take BrownRingOfHope from behind.

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B-Real2063761d ago

Don't reviews usually come out a week before a product hits the street. We are still about 4 weeks out. (counting this week).

Give it a chance, I for one can't wait to see what the general consensus is

eggbert3761d ago

yes they come out around the time of launch, but the reviewers usually get games weeks earlier than the release date of the game. This is so they can get through the whole game and be able to accurately review the games.

ex: It'd be pretty hard to write a good review for a game like Oblivion if you had JUST gotten the game a few days before its launch.

Phil Collins3761d ago

Problem also lies in that this is a print magazine... they need to have this printed & pressed at least a week before release i'd think.

UNCyrus3761d ago


A LOT more than that... minimum two weeks out to have final approval before it goes to print

morganfell3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

At four weeks from release the product is as complete as it can be before launch.

Three weeks are usually allotted for reproduction and shipping, particularly in cases where the software will be placed into various packaging (bundles, stand alone, etc). That means the product is in final QA before the three week mark.

If it is not a first party product then it has to go through QA at the dev team, QA at the the publisher and then QA at the hardware manufacturer (Sony, MS, or Ninty). If the team has looked at prior candidates that were almost gold worthy and are only looking to see if one or two small things have been corrected in a newer candidate then QA at publisher and hardware manufacturer will be simultaneous.

In cases where the dev team is struggling to meet a deadline - these are always an issue when a game supports a hardware launch - then likely they are pushing till the last minute. Games in this case are destined to ship on time no matter what their condition. This is particularly true of first party titles. The games supporting Kinect are as done as they are going to get prior to launch.

Review code would normally be ready at this point. You would be surprised at the number of games that are reviewed on non-final code. The reason this doesn't matter is 99% of the time the only difference between review code and gold master code are a very few bugs, none of which would change the review or the play feel of the title. They could be significant bugs but they are usually isolated locational bugs.

As I said that holds true only if the team isn't running out of time. Crunch time sucks and the work days are usually about 18 hours prior to launch.

MS may be attempting to delay any reviews before the initial launch and count on Kinect getting up to speed before bad news hits.

B-Real2063761d ago

I can dig it. I'll just sit on this fence for a while longer then.

MrMccormo3761d ago

I apologize Morgan that you don't have more bubbles than you currently do. Bubs+

Ilikegames763761d ago

Yes, that's about right. There must be something really wrong with Kinect if MS is delaying the review of the final product.

gamingdroid3761d ago

I can see why MS would want to delay the reviews. I mean after practically getting slaughtered for the past year on Kinect for a stuff that really isn't intended for that particular audience.

Imagine if I asked my grandmother to review Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?

What do you think she would think about it?

Perhaps, to get a good grip on what Kinect has to offer now you should ask the kids and the families what they think, not the crowd that play FPS, RPGs and so on. That crowd have been mighty loud though.

3760d ago
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wat6343761d ago

Ha, reviews don't scare MS, its going to be a hit.

karl3761d ago

u seem happy.. u do realize that if this think succeeds u wont have no more hardcore exclusives games right?

Zir03761d ago

Reviews won't make a difference, there's a reason MS went on tour with Kinect, it was to get people to try before they buy, and thats why preorders are so high, people enjoyed it.

There's always hate for casual games you could see that with Move reviews, but luckily the casuals don't care about them and would rather go on their first hand experiences.

Phil Collins3761d ago

I agree, I guess the real question is do the 1st party games deliver? If they don't the hardware will be blamed (whether or not it's at fault), and with a 150 dollar price tag that won't be good for MS.

Personally I think Kinect will do very well, and with Dance Central it could explode.

B-Real2063761d ago

At the moment that seems to be what there counting on. Dance central and Your shape will more then likely be the biggest sellers with Kinectamals right behind them.

gamingdroid3761d ago

I agree. People like what they tried and they pre-ordered. I think Kinect will be a success despite the critics.

It's like you go to a movie and the critics are all raving. You go watch the movie and it is bunch of snore fest. I think the gaming industry is turning into that unfortunately. A bunch of snobby critics and to add insult to injury we now get bloggers whom really are amateur journalists at best.

Moonboots3761d ago

Agreed with you guys. Not only have they been on tour with Kinect, they've been at every major gaming convention and MANY members of XBL have beta kits. This is speaking specifically about the software and I believe even the beta testers have Ricochet, Kinect Sports and Joy Ride.

Maybe GI isn't as important as they think they are..

Makidian3761d ago

There is absolutely no way to determine how many places got how many allotments for pre-orders. They could have gotten 100k, 10k, 100, who knows, but an online sell out of pre-orders is not indicative of retail success. Best Buy and Walmart are still taking pre-orders for all versions and they are the two largest retailers for Kinect sales, so when they start saying that they are low or sold out, then it would be appropriate to trumpet Kinect success. Gamestop could be a decent indicator but Newegg isn't.