Military Shooter Face-Off: Medal Of Honor Or Black Ops?

Hooked Gamers:
"EA's rebirth of the Medal of Honor franchise drops tomorrow in the US and Friday in the UK. Between the use of the word "Taliban" and the US military banning the game from being sold on military bases across the country, Medal of Honor has set a precedence of hype for a military shooter.

We all remember back in October and November of last year (2009) when there was a huge uproar over a mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign which had a US serviceman going undercover in one of Russia's baddest terrorist groups while said group goes on a killing spree in a crowded Russian airport. It was all a plot to frame America and go to war...."

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NYC_Gamer3296d ago

i'm not buying either....but black-ops will come out on top sales/mp wise

movements3296d ago

I'll wait for Killzone 3..

mrcash3295d ago

thats a long wait lol.

ATi_Elite3295d ago

he should be lucky he's waiting for Killzone 3 versus Half Life 2 Episode 3.

tigerstyle3295d ago

3 call of duty games for 3 consecutive years. Plus I'm not that fond of tryarch games... with their clunky controls just like in WaW.
I only liked cod4 cuz of its "original content"; original ideas, original innovation... etc. Mw2 seemed like over kill but its still much more fun than WaW except for its crazy ass lagg n newbstubez n hackers...

Infinity Ward n Dice FTW!!!

OneSneakyMofo3296d ago

Battlefield Vietnam until Killzone 3 comes out. :]

LukaX233296d ago

I'm not buying a copy until I see the reviews, read the forums and know how the overall experience is (mainly with the online, but I'm totally up for the story as well). If it turns out being as good as the sales undoubtedly will, then I'll get it.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3296d ago

Dude they hardly talked about MoH. smh

dalibor3296d ago

Same here but after watching this I'm more amped up for R3. Now give me the movie already.

Darkstorn3296d ago

I'm burned out on military shooters. I'm holding my breath for Killzone 3.

mrcash3295d ago

Killzone is a military shooter.

ReservoirDog3163295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Well it is sci fi though. It's kinda a different feel.

ReservoirDog3163295d ago

Both. Though it really sucks amazon took the $20 preorder bonus away from black ops.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

badz1493295d ago

as I'm on budget and I'm already having Sly and PoP collections for holiday. but MoH certainly got my vote and with Frontline included, PS3 gamer can't be wrong about it!

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tacosRcool3296d ago

Same here but MoH first for me

vickers5003296d ago

Lol, well of course, it's the first to come out.

-Alpha3296d ago

BO first for me. MoH is too standard/bare bones and feels like an awkward mesh of BC and CoD.

Plus, split-screen and co-op is a deal sealer for me

Jack-Pyro3296d ago

I'm with Alpha, maybe if a sale rolls around I'll pick up Medal of Honor.

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Fishy Fingers3296d ago

I think I'll pick up MOH, blast through the SP, get as much MP time in as I can and then trade it for COD. Black Ops multiplayer is going to eat up most of my gaming time for the foreseeable future.

hiredhelp3296d ago

right now MOH. and then the daddy KZ3

Shaymin3296d ago

I would have to day MOH and for next year KZ3

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The story is too old to be commented.