Sonic levels that should be in Sonic Anniversary

SEGAbits: "Picking out your favorite Sonic levels is like picking out your favorite child, sometimes its easy because someone failed math and other times its difficult to do, because you hate them all equally.

We have decided to take a crack at compiling a list of Sonic levels we would like to see in Sonic Anniversary (If the details turn out to be true and they seem like they will). I will only go through the main console series, way too many Sonic games to go through spin offs and handhelds."

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MultiConsoleGamer3290d ago

This article was written by someone who really knows his Sonic games.

Good stuff!

SilverSlug3289d ago

Just sharing some stuff that I would love to see in the next Sonic game.

Lord Gunchrote3289d ago

I would love to see Sonic and Knuckles reimagined...a simple 2d production is all people want really, since the 3D games don't fare well with critics ( I still suffer through them, grew up with the blue guy, can't help it!)

SilverSlug3289d ago

Yes, would be awesome. Actually a trilogy with the first 3, with a great artstyle.... oh man!

gumgum993289d ago

I also would love to see a remake of Mushroom Hill, as well as, some stages from Sonic CD like Stardust Speedway, and Wacky Workbench. Heck, I honestly have a hard time picking a specific list because I love them all. ^_^

great list, though.