Call of Duty Turns To Space Battle?

After these next two releases, is seems that the game will turn to futuristic technology. This means that we will see games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4: Future Technology, Call of Duty World War 3, etc. This seems as if we are going to see space battle and Starfox, StarWars types of games with the Call of Duty name. Would that ever work?

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Jordanemery3293d ago

I can't even imagine what kind of features, perks etc. that would even go into a future setting game. Halo has the future stuff already I think...

Seijoru3293d ago

Killzone made futuristic fps more believable than Halo to me. Halo is more of a fantasy sci-fi kinda thing.

RedDragan3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Yeah, KZ did... but this is Actrivision and realistism is not a requirment.

If they try and state this is what future warfare is like it will likely be over the top, I mean... there is a reason why the military does not use lasers and that reason is not that it is too advanced or costly. It just wouldn't work well, they expect their own soldier would walk across beam and get killed. Activision is the kind of company who wouldn't think like that, or worse, read about that but add it into the game anyway because they think it is "cool"!

The Meerkat3292d ago

Halo isn't really all that futuristic.

The best weapons are single shot guns!

karl3292d ago

i would go as far as to say that halo is more realistic that call of duty..

Chuk_Chuk3292d ago

well it depends.

Can it sell well if yes then bobby will let them?

Shackdaddy8363293d ago

To think this franchise used to be all about WWII fps.....

matey3292d ago

modern warfare 3 being made for wii by infinity ward wow and with black ops getting VOIP and back end paching ect i bet this game will support the same aswell plus infinity ward will be up against treyarch in trying to make the best graphics on wii i will play black ops the most i think

ddurand13292d ago

Wasnt it rumored that IW was working on a futuristic game that was not called COD?

nikoado3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

They registered a bunch of website names like Space Warfare ,Secret Warfare, Future Warfare etc.

This doesn't mean they will make those games, it just means that no one else can use those names now. But, this is Activision...

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