Gamespot: Beyond Good and Evil HD Hands-On

Gamespot: "From the look of things, Beyond Good and Evil HD will be a solid upgrade of the fan favorite game. The promise of high-definition visuals, improved audio, and the chance to earn some achievements or trophies should please fans. We’re curious to see just how the leaderboard feature is going to work, although we expect it to be tied to how fast you can get through an area or your picture-taking skills. We'll also be interested to see if there are any ties to the next installment in the series. We know, it’s doubtful, but we can dream. Most importantly, the upcoming digital release of the game gives it a second chance to find a bigger audience. If you never had the chance to play Beyond Good and Evil, you should definitely keep an eye out for the game when it is released next year. At the moment, there’s no word on an exact release date or pricing. Look for more on the game in the coming months."

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tatotiburon3293d ago

this was one of my favorite games last gen, can't wait to play it all over again

tunaks13293d ago

you could save some $ and just pop in the disc...

TheLastGuardian3293d ago

Not in HD or with trophies.

Darkfocus3293d ago

my copy seems to be in HD... oh wait I have the PC version... I really don't see why this is necessary almost any modern PC(not even a gaming rig at that) could run this game at least at 720p probably much higher..

ReservoirDog3163293d ago

Whatever, always wanted to play this and this means not having to pay $20 on ebay. Really want this.

TheLastGuardian3293d ago

I'm sorry I am one of the many people who didn't buy this game when it came out. I won't pass it up this time around. We have to show developers were interested so the sequel will really happen.

DlocDaBudSmoka3293d ago

was goin thru some marriage sh!t at the time, so i never got to finish it. Luckily i can play it again now. even tho i should of still had the disc, ahh ex's. hopefully this gets retail treatment, not by comin on disc, but trophy/achievment wise.

daghost11253293d ago

"the most underrated game last gen."

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